The rain 

A dull day

Pitter patter of rain

Strolling aimlessly

I stand at my secret haven

Countless choices at hand

Yet i see the same face.

There she stands,

Same as me , but with a warm smile.

Ah that comfort on a tortured mind.

With matching umbrellas we stand still.

A moment, one heartbeat,

Rush into each other arms.

Years separated us due to misunderstandings,

Now we unite as maturity ripened.

Lived as two, but we are one.

Yes, she back,

My one and only twin.



If wings could fly, i would

Life is never easy,

At every stage of life, 

Broken at some point, i stood.

Tears, a precious gem,

In abundance it flowed.

Wealth never an obstacle,

Happiness, a hallucination 

Like a drop of water in an endless 


Becoming stronger never an option,

For it was an ultimatum in living a life.


Crumpled bloody sheet,

Bruised face, body still in the heat.

Lots of people wait to see,

None a wise man, willing to set her free.

A hurt heart and a wounded soul,

Pitiful glances and a blanket rolled.

Justice a far fetched dream,

Months dragged by, all that was heard was her screams.

Belly growing, a petrifying jolt to reality.

Choices to make, over a glass of tea.

Choosing to give life a hard choice,

Her voice shut down, why stop a tiny new noise?

Small feet make way for a new dawn,

A year of new life and here the birthday candles are blown.

Mystery woman

Contemplating the past,

Mysteries were a plenty.

Questions without answers

A small town that she made hers.

Ravenous rage consuming everyone,

Each an actor of their own.

A smile , an embrace,

Exuding charm, buried in secrets.

Inebriated with curiosity,

Setting out to search for the answers.

Staring deep into her eyes I sat,

With a coffee and her painting containing her mysterious eyes.

Warrior heart

A class apart

The world different 

Challenging the norms

Creating my own path.

Labeled as a Tom boy,

Feigning ignorance to the word coy.

Scaling mountain testing you,

Difficulties a challenge,

Hot sun and skies clear blue.

Reaching the top a feeling apart,

Won the war with my warrior woman heart.

Love hate

A mistake so grave, 

He cursed fate.

Unrequited love, broken hearts.

Seeking truths , living lies,

Everyday an agony, tomorrow a boon.

Clean looked the room, yet dust filled the void.

Hate, easy way out yet heart yearned to love.

Filled with nostalgia, cherished the time with her,

Alas it remained a dream,

Neither a reality nor helped maintain my sanity.


The bottle in my hand,

Swirl around in a daze.

Reason, clues gone wrong,

Realising that life is a game of ping pong.

Light between oceans an only hope,

Fallen stars , a lost dream.

Jessie, my only companion,

Serendipity leading to her discovery.

Two lost hearts, finding each other one day.

Before sunrise we settle ,

Because it’s another day gone ,

Awaiting new battles to be won.