Part 4 -Trapped
Hurrying to straighten myself i pushed Lisa away and stretched my hands to embrace Vihaan. 
“Mommy were you kissing Lisa aunty just now?”, Vihaan asked with a confused look.
“No baby, dust had gone into Aunty’s eyes i was just blowing it away.”
“Ok mom.”
Patting his head on my shoulder I struggled to calm myself before i lost control. Control was the one stable thing in my ever changing life.
Lisa smiled her Devilish smile and proceeded to sleep peacefully feeling accomplished. 
Landing and check out process went ahead with no drama and we headed towards our pick up.
The pick up was in a van which puzzled me since I had expected a private car for our mission. As it turned out our mission was not as I expected.
The van contained around 10 people all into their own worlds already. Choosing my place carefully I headed to the back of the van , which was as far away from Lisa I could get.
Vihaan tired from travel remained quiet and settled down to sleep on my shoulder as soon as I sat down. 
As the van started , an announcement was made which shocked me.
” Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your new adventure which will change your course of lives not just for the period of time that you are with us but after this too. The FBI sincerely welcomes all its interns for a life changing experience.”
“FBI??? I thought they were sending me for an important mission atleast that’s what I was told… WTH…”
I got up to leave , when I felt a hand on my thighs. That familiar touch and immediate goosebumps on my skin. 
” Hello Rita, how have you been?”
I turned my head to gaze into his beautiful brown eyes and fall head over heels for him again. 
To be continued…..💕


To be or not to be -Part 3

Part 3- Agonising feelings 
“So from when have you been assigned to my case?”
“Oh from when they knew that you were going to be assigned to it!!”, She smirked.
“You requested that you be assigned or …”
“No idea what you are hinting at.”
Rolling my eyes I dragged my tired body and mind to sit in front of departure gate. 
The call for boarding was made on schedule to my relief and we sat down in our alloted seat. To my utter dismay Lisa was right next to me.
She smiled and settled down with a book to read. I chose to ignore her since I didn’t want to irritate myself further than I already was. 
As the plane took off my senses calmed and I closed my eyes for a nap keeping an ear out for Vihaan. Just as I was about to fall asleep I felt a hand on my thighs. Startled I woke up.
When I looked at who it was I was surprised to find Lisa sitting close to me and looking into my eyes with pure lust.
Taken aback with the intensity of the gaze I was confused what reaction to give . My initial response was to ignore her advances but then what I had gone through made me rethink my response.
Do I dare to release my innermost feelings still present for her or do I just show a casual interest and engage in a one night stand? 
Before the mind could decide the body had already started the action. Two full lips clashed together to form an explosion so intense it seemed as if rocking the whole plane.
Suppressed feelings slowly raised it’s head. Hands traced a familiar path they had travelled before. 
Forgetting the present we went to our own planets as we usually do as things started more intense, a pull on my dress was made.
Squatting away the hand I proceeded to ravage her mouth. Again the pull. Annoyed at the disturbance I opened my eyes to Vihaans confused look.

To be continued…..💕

To be or not to be -Part 2

Part 2- Old habits die hard
“Oh crap”, I mumbled.
“What is that my dear?”, Lisa asked.
“Hi hi , Momma who is this aunty?” , my son asked shaking Lisa’s outstretched hand like a water pump. 
“Vihaan , leave that hand alone or you are going rip it off its socket!!!”, I admonished him with stern eyes.
He sulked and started playing with his tennis ball.
“Hi Lisa, I would love to stay and chat but as you can see I am in bit of a hurry now. See you later.”
I didn’t wait for her answer and dragged Vihaan and my luggage once again to the check in counter. 
Successfully checking in later I breathed out the air that I had been holding onto nervously for so long. Just as I sat down with all my energy drained out I heard a voice once more which made me jump out of my skin.
“You didn’t think you could run away so easily from me , huh?”
With irritated eyes I turned to reply when I saw Lisa AGAIN.
“What the heck is matter with you Lisa? If I told no to you once, can’t you understand it? Which part of NO can you not understand?”
“I didn’t want this too… But unfortunately or fortunately I am ur ‘partner in crime’ for this mission.”
I couldn’t believe my ears. Whoever I didn’t want to meet kept coming back to haunting me.
Anger filling my face and eyes I stared at her face. Her face always a sign of calmness and serenity started showing signs of worry and underlying excitement. 
Strangely I was having an excitement too in all my anger. Remembering our past relationship I was getting all riled up. With Vihaans pulling of my skirt I was jolted back into the present.
To be continued…..💕
To be or not to be -Prologue

To be or not to be -Part 1

To be or not to be -Part 1

Part 1 – Who I am and Who will I be?
The journey to the train station was as event less as it could get. Apart from the fact that my son has inherited my boyfriend’s annoying habit of chattering non stop when on travel. 
“Momma look at that building, see see a limo… A cute girl momma !!! ”
I paused my thoughts with the last comment of his and stared at his face with incredulity. 
“What are they teaching you at school young man?” 
“Nothing momma!!”
Again that puppy dog face he perennially uses to calm me down. With a sigh of exasperation I turned my head back to the busy streets.
My eyes though wandering aimlessly on the streets caught sight of a familiar face staring at me as we passed by. My breath caught in my throat as it was HIM. The one guy whom I wanted to avoid meeting before I started on my adventure was standing right in front of me.
A lame effort of hiding behind a very transparent glass was made. My son , an over enthusiast that he was waved at everyone he could lay his eyes on. 
My desperation to get to the airport only got worse and traffic was not being my friend right now. An inch by inch movement made my second more agonising than the previous.
Ions of travel time later we finally reached our destination on time and I ran dragging my luggage and my son when I banged into someone.
Luggage, my son and me fell in different directions. With panic in my eyes, I frantically reached for my son. 
” Well , well if it isn’t the famous criminal Rita” a female voice whispered in my ears.
My panic worsening into a panic attack with the voice I raised my head to look into HERs my ex-girlfriend….
To be continued…..💕

To be or not to be… Prologue

She sat still with the cup of coffee still in the hand. Gaze falling on the droplets of water tracing down its path on the windows of the cafe. 
No stranger to the place, she felt comfortable spending her time there in her favourite spot reminiscing about what happened and what she imagined her life to be. 
A single way ticket to Paris guided her future life. New place, new people and of course a new life. 
The irony of the situation got to her. All that she wanted was constant people and things in life right now, and she was getting just the opposite. 
Scanning the cafe her eyes fell on a yellow envelope stamped with her name. A knowing smile and a note stating a closure.
A small laugh escaped her. Toddler that he was , rushed to her and pulled at her skirt. 
“Momma, can we leave now?”, he enquired with his Irresistible puppy dog eyes.
“Of course my darling”, she smiled and took her belongings with her leaving behind a hefty final tip to the waiter. 
Life was a journey she knew but never had it got as interesting as it had become now….
To be continued…. 💕

Love and reality – short story

The room was exactly as i left it the previous day. Dirty dishes lying around, clothes strewn all over the place and all the books that i had been reading scattered all over the house.


I sighed to myself and started tidying up the apartment a bit just so i have space to walk around freely.


A new day had begun and it was time for me to do what i came here to do and that was to see ‘Him’.

Time and distance had lost all its meaning in my eagerness to see him everyday. That was all i was living for. 


After cleaning the house a bit and freshening myself i went to my wardrobe and selected the best dress that i could find, prettied my face with makeup , blew dry and styled my hair which best suited my face and started out to meet Him in the usual place where i would, everyday.


But today i felt something was different. I knew something life altering was going to take place. I didnt know what was going to happen but i was praying that it better be something good.


The walk to the coffee shop which i always went to, to have breakfast was always an eventful one. I could see people of all walks of life on my way. 


Women hurrying along pulling their kids behind them to drop them by in school on their way to work, husbands grumbling at their wives for something which they did before starting to work, wives throwing daggers with their eyes for something which their husbands did/didnt do. Roadside vendors setting up their store for the day, poor children sitting on the roadside with their family, vehicles hurrying past to go to their destination. 


I always wondered how fast the life went for each person . I wished my life went by that fast since all i did everyday was to come sit in the coffee shop and always wait for ‘Him’ to appear in front of my eyes .


Today nothing jumped off the page to take into notice any unsual happening but i did notice my vision was getting blurry a bit and i thought to go check my eyesight later in the house. It was probably due to my not so great sleep last night i thought to myself.


As i entered the coffee shop, i was greeted with a big smile from everybody who were seated in the shop. Now i generally dont get noticed by anybody anywhere but that today everybody noticed me and gave me either a smile or a wave of hand acknowledging my presence. 


Though i felt weird i responded to each person’s greeting and went and sat down in my usual place. I generally brought along my journal where i write down whatever i felt like. Mostly my journal would be filled with doodles which got inspired from seeing something or either poems or short stories which my mind thought up during the time i waited for ‘Him’ to come into the shop.


Somedays i used to wonder what was the purpose for me to wait for ‘Him’ since i didnt make an effort to go talk to him or even say a hi. I just kept staring at him without a blink till he had his usual cup of coffee and bread toast and chocolate muffin which he never failed to have.
The wait to see Him was the only thing agonising in my whole day since each second would seem like years and the impatience to set my eyes on the one thing which kept me alive would always get the better of me. As each second passed by,  my doodle would become angry strokes and my story or poem starts getting more intense and deep until He arrives and like the calm after a storm all my muscles, mind and body relaxes.


I ordered chocolate muffin and bread toast today just as he would order and sat down to continue the story i was writing about a long lost love till he came to the shop.


As i was waiting a small girl ran up to my table and sat down opposite me giving me a big smile. She looked pretty in a pink frock with a nice big matching ribbon on her head.


“Hi Priya aunty.”


I was dumbstruck because the kid knew my name and i never have uttered even a word to anyone in that coffee shop except probably to the waiters there to place my order.


“Uhmmm hi little angel”, i replied with a tentative smile.


“Today is a big day for you aunty. You finally get to go home!! Are you excited?”, she said.


I was surprised since everyday i did go back home and this child here was telling me something which i already knew.


“Well yes darling i do get to go back home everyday.” , i smiled.


“No aunty. Today is the day you finally go back to your real family and live your life happily and normally from now on. You should not come back here aunty. Please. Dont come back ever again.”, the little gal exclaimed.


Now i was going crazy listening to this child speak such things to me. I was just thinking to tell the kid to go back to her mom when i noticed Him coming through the door out of the corner of my eye.


All my attention was whisked back to Him as if i was a magnet drawn to a magnetic surface. He became the center of my attention and universe and everything else in the background started to fade when He was there in front of me. I never understood why i got attracted only to Him and noone else there in the restaurant but then i had lost my interest to investigate the way my heart worked long back.
His face was even more handsome today than all other days. His gentle brown eyes dancing with excitement, his nose sharp and neatly shaped and his soft mouth curved in a crooked happy smile and his steps had a bounce to them today as he approached the counter for giving his order.


As i sat there gaping at him as i usually do He suddenly turned his face towards me and gave me a gentle smile. It was as if the heart inside me just melted like ice cream on a slow flame and butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. 


I almost ran into his arms and professed my love for him. But no voice came from my mouth.


By the time my heart rate slowed down and i came to my senses he had ordered and finished his breakfast in record time and was making his way towards me.


My heart literally stopped beating when he stood so close to me. He outstretched his arm as if to caress my face but he kept his hand on my hand which was placed on the desk and said, ” Its time Priya my love to get back to your beautiful family and life. Your time is done here and am now here to say a final goodbye to you. Goodbye my love, take care of yourself.”


As he was talking to me, everything started going out of focus and i struggled to clear my sight. All my efforts were in vain.


As a battle to clear my vision was raging on, He bent and gave a gentle kiss on my forehead and turned to go.


I observed him carefully as he walked to the door. I knew that time was running out but suppressed the urge to check my watch. I took a deep breath and started counting in reverse under my breath. “Ten, nine, eight, seven…” to clear my vision and focus my thoughts in one place. I always counted along with the seconds in my watch in order to focus my mind on things.


I passed out while counting and the next time i opened my eyes, i was lying there stretched out on a hospital bed with all sorts of tubes attached to me and a nurse staring with wide eyes at my face.


“Uhmmm hi?”, i muttered since my throat was all dried up and the voice came out in a mere whisper.


The nurse cried out in happiness and ran out of the door to get the doctor. My mind was all fuzzed out and as i was struggling to clear my mind and understand the state of things and remember what happened i saw a man coming through the door.


Tears filled my eyes as i saw HIM running towards me with his hands outstretched and he hugged me as tight as he could constantly muttering, ” My Priya, my darling , my love!!! You made it to me finally!!! You came back!!!”


I finally remembered what had happened after he hugged me!! I had met with an accident and had had a serious head injury wherein i had gone into a coma after the surgery had been done and the guy who was hugging me so tight was my husband! 


“Yes love am finally back to you and where i belong”, i cried.


“I have been waiting so long for you and been visiting you everyday for the past year that you have been in coma and begging and pleading for you to come back to me and not let me live my life alone. Am so happy love that you listened to my voice and found your way back to me again!”, he sobbed.


“Seeing you each day was my life line and the longing to speak to you and declare my love for you everyday was the only thing that kept my hopes up of retaining my sanity in the place that i was in.”, Priya cried.


“Its ok darling all that is over now. Let us just concentrate in the present and live our lives happily and peacefully from now on.”, he said with tear filled eyes and shaky voice.


All that has a beginning has an end they say. But in my case my life had a beginning, almost a full stop which then converted into a comma and now it is just going to be ‘…’.

Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 10 PART 3 FINAL PART

​Continuation from previous post

Blue ticks….❤️❤️
Chapter 10 – Everything that has a beginning has an end –Last and final Part 3
Things were not going well for Arjun. Also Sanjana had not yet told Arjun about her health condition as yet.  She didn’t want to burden Arjun with her health problems too.
One fine day though Sanjana’s health going in for the worse and she had to be admitted in the hospital. Even though she had been taking regular medication for her condtiton and she was regular in the checkup with her physician her condition also started spiralling downwards.
Sanjana started taking a lot of offs in her office and Arjun started getting suspicious that she was suffering from some serious health problem.
The relationship between them did get more serious and deep after the knowledge of Arjun’s health condition though he could see that Sanjana broke down sometimes when she thought Arjun was not looking. Little did she know that he was very sensitive to every mood of hers and he always knew when she was upset .
He decided to confront her and he visited her in her house one day after office.
Arjun reached her house and knocked on the door.
“Hello Arjun”, Sanjana’s mother welcomed him in with a weak smile on her face.
“Hello aunty. Hope you and uncle are doing good?”
“We are ok son. Sanjana is in her room. Why don’t you go and see her while I bring a cup of tea for you?”
“Thanks aunty “
He went upstairs and knocked on her door. “Come in”
“Hi Sanju”
“OMG Arjun. Hi”
Sanjana was all flustered because she had clothes all strewn around in her room and her bed was in a mess. “What brings you here?”, she enquired while simultaneously cleaning her room rapidly before Arjun saw something which embarrassed her.
“Well I was worried about you since you were taking off a lot nowadays. So I thought I would drop in and check up on you.”
“Wellll……. Uhmmmmm…. You see Arjun …..”
“Yes I can see very well thank you. Can you now please tell me what’s ailing you so that there are no secrets between us?”
“Ok I have been meaning to tell you for sometime now. Am suffering from something called Valvular heart disease. Even though I have been under constant check ups and medication things are not looking good right now.”
“Am really sorry Arjun for not telling you so long. Been meaning to talk to you about this … but your situation made me hesitate and postpone everytime I wanted to tell you regarding this.”
“Ok no problem Sanju. I am glad you told me atleast now. So what is the situation now?”
“I don’t know Arjun. We will be going to the doctor again today so lets see what he says.”
“Right. And please tell me the outcome of your visit to doctor as soon as you know.”
“Ya sure.”
“Not looking too good Arjun. Apparently doctor says surgery maybe required  because my heart valve is malfunctioning.”
“Its ok Sanju must be just a minor operation. You will survive this.”
“I hope so”
“You will “, smiled Arjun.
Days passed by and the date for surgery had been fixed for Sanjana. It was to take place on coming Sunday.
She was all nervous and kept fretting about small small things.
“Sanju , relax dear. Everything will be fine. Look on the bright side, unlike me your gonna survive this and lead a wonderful and happy life. Not that you don’t live a happy life now but then you just need to accept your position and let things go so that you get peace of mind and get the strength to overcome your difficult situation. Now come here and sit near me so that I can give you the best medication for sadness and depression.”
As soon as Sanjana neared Arjun he just grabbed her and pulled her into his arms for a bear hug and when she was enclosed In his arms the way that she was she immediately forgot her worries and just basked in his warmth and protection.
Sanjana’s phone kept ringing continuously. She got up groggily and checked the time in her bedside clock. “Who in the blue hell is calling me at 2.30 in the morning?, fumed Sanjana and looked at her mobile. She was surprised to see Janani’s name flashing in her phone.
“What is the matter Janu? Why are you calling me in this ungodly hour?”
“Sssss….. Sanju…..”, stammered Janani with her voice filled with grief.
“What…. What is it Janu?”
Janani just kept sobbing into the phone without any words. Sanjana was getting panicked and she feared the worst.
“Tell me what is it Janu!!! I mean NOW!”
“Sanju….. Its Arjun!! He has been admitted in the hospital in a very serious condition. Doesn’t look good dear.”
The mobile dropped from Sanjana’s hand and she stood shell shocked with tears brimming in her eyes.
“Sanju??? Hello…. Sanju??? Are you there? Please answer me dear…”, Janani kept screaming in the phone.
Sanjana regained her senses and sobbed hysterically. She grabbed the phone and said, “janu we need to go to the hospital RIGHT NOW !!”
“Now Sanju, dear be sensible … We will go tomorrow morning… Please relax and we will go as soon as the sun rises. Please dear …. Please.”
“But Janu…. My Arjun is suffering and I need to be there for him!! Don’t you get that???”, sobbed Sanjana into the phone.
“I do get it hon… but please be patient a bit. We will go for sure. Now please go back to bed and we will meet as early as possible tomorrow.”
“Ok Janu”
Sanjana couldn’t lie down in her bed she kept pacing in her room to and fro and just waiting for the sun to rise so that she can go to her Arjun as fast as possible.
At around 9AM they reached the hospital and Janani and Sanjana rushed into the hospital looking for the ward in which Arjun was admitted in. When they found out,  they ran as fast as their legs would allow and saw Arjun’s parents in a pathetic state outside the emergency ward.
Arjun’s mom was totally hysterical and screaming, “Arjun!!! My darling boy!!!”and his dad was seen standing in one corner with the tears pouring like a waterfall from his eyes.
Sanjana feared the worst as she slowly made her way towards the ward. Her vision was already blurred with the tears that were fast filling her eyes and her steps became slower and slower. It was as if she didn’t want to know what happened and all she wanted was to see Arjun’s smiling face once again and feel his arms around her.
As they neared the ward they knew for sure that Arjun was now no more. Sanjana just collapsed in front of Arjun’s ward and she refused to get up. Her grief was too great to talk or even cry. She just kept staring at the bed Arjun was in previously and she just kept staring without a blink. Janani was crying profusely sitting beside Sanjana and she hugged Sanjana to offer her support.
After what seemed like forever Sanjana finally let out a wail which could be heard throughout the hospital.
It had been 2 days since Arjun passed away. Sanjana lost her purpose for a happy life. She thought she finally had found the love of her life and she could now be happy at last. But things don’t work as we plan always does it? She seriously considered killing herself since she couldn’t take the grief of Arjun’s death.
Each second was a torture to her heart and every heartbeat reminded her of him. She had stayed stuck in her room for 2 days without talking to anyone.
Today was no different… She heard the door to her room creak open and saw that Janani had come to visit her and she had an envelope in her hand.
“Hi Sanju. I know this is not the right time but I thought I should give you this now lest you take some rash and emotional decision. This is a letter to you from Arjun… I wanted to give this to you 2 days back itself but then I didn’t think you were in a state of mind to read a letter from him so soon. He had asked me to give this to you in case anything untoward happened to him. I refused to take the letter from him but then he persisted and I gave in. I never thought that day would come where I will give you this letter but then now here I am. Am extremely sorry about your loss Sanju I know how much you loved him. But before you decide anything you should read this letter .I will leave you now so that you can decide what to do. And Sanju please know that I love you and will be here for you always whenever you want. Bye”
Sanjana with trembling hands opened the letter.
“My dear love
If you have received this letter then it means am not with you anymore in this world. I have absolutely no regrets my dear because I got to spend some lovely and memorable times with the one person I dared enough to love more than myself. I have been an aloof and unlovable guy since I came to know about my condition. But when I did meet you in the office I realised that you were the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen and I thought to myself I should never miss you now because I don’t have a ‘later’ ever.
The few months that I spent with you have been the most beautiful phase of my life and I can never forget those moments. You are the best thing that happened to me and you will be the last best thing to ever happen to me ever.
They say the destination is never important and the journey makes the experience beautiful and this has rightly been proved in our case. Our journey together is and will be the most beautiful ever and no one can ever change that fact. Yes I agree that our journey has been short but just because you were the last beautiful and amazing chapter in my life doesn’t mean I should be your last best chapter too.
There are more amazing and wonderful experiences waiting to happen to you and my one last wish would be that you shouldn’t let this one short chapter in your life decide the future of your other equally or more beautiful chapters that you are yet to experience.
Yes I know that it will be hard. I also know that you are a strong person and you will get through this and become a much stronger person than you already are.
And dear please don’t worry about your surgery I have prayed for you and I will personally go and torture GOD so that you survive this surgery and live a fulfilling and content and happy life!
Please don’t give up love and go on to live the most beautiful life that you deserve to have.
Last but not the least I LOVE YOU and will continue to love you even after am gone.
Take care my princess
With love and only Love
Your Arjun.
Flood of tears washed Sanjana’s face as she read her beloved’s last letter to her and she kept re reading that a thousand times before she actually understood what her love wanted of her. She wanted to get through this for him if not for her and so she made up her mind to be a stronger person than she is now and prove to her Arjun that her love on him was too great and she wanted to fulfil her love’s last wish.
Sanjana sat in the favourite spot in her farm house and sat reminiscing about all that happened in the last few weeks. The surgery had been successful and she got to live her life normally again.
The journey had been real hard for her till now. Trying to accept to live without her love was very difficult and also she had to face the surgery and survive it. Probably it was GOD’s will or Arjun’s love on her she survived everything and had only the memories in her mind.
 She felt happy because she had decided to live rather than take a coward’s way out from problems. She wondered if she will allow herself to love anyone else again as deeply as she had loved Arjun. Arjun had been her first and true love and he had given her so much to remember and cherish.
Whether she loved anyone else and did she live happily ever after?
Well now that’s another journey altogether.


He waited patiently in the shadows… waiting for the right moment to encounter her.
Chelsea walked the streets in a daze,  in her own world of thoughts, thinking about the days happenings.
Dave had acted weird that day. He was all jumpy and kept staring at a point which was always just exactly behind her back and kept running away from her whenever she tried to talk to him.
“What’s with Dave today?” , she wondered.
Lost in her thoughts she reached home and unlocked the door to her house thinking about Dave’s behaviour when she noticed that the door to her house was already unlocked and she was surprised since she remembered locking the door to her apartment before starting to work.
“That’s strange. I remember locking the door “, she thought to herself.
She cautiously walked through the door without making a noise with her pepper spray in hand ready to spray on the intruders face.
She carefully treaded the floor lest she make a noise and alert the intruder. As she scouted the house she heard a thud from her bedroom and she immediately ran into her room.
As she entered the room she heard a voice boom, “Who are you and what do you want?”
Chelsea was confused for a moment since she was supposed to be asking that question. 
When she turned towards the person addressing her she realised that it was Daniel and he had a look of pure horror and terror mixed look on his face. He kept moving back towards the wall with a baseball bat in his hand for protection and he kept swallowing up the scream that was rising at the back of his throat.
Daniel??? Shit… It was HIM Daniel… the guy who had raped her and beat her to a pulp…. but why was he scared of her she wondered to herself.
That’s when she noticed herself in the mirror.  Even though there was no reflection she could see herself covered in blood and she looked scary as hell.
As the realisation dawned on her , her mouth curved into an eerie smile and she spoke to Daniel , ” Let’s get started on payback time , Shall we my friend??”

Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 10 PART 2

Continuation from previous post 

​Blue ticks…. ♥♥
Chapter 10 – Everything that has a beginning has an end – Part 2
As Sanjana and Janani entered into Arjun’s room, they could see Arjun’s mom weeping in one corner uncontrollably and Arjun’s father was in deep discussion with the doctor with a helpless look on his face.
They came to know that things were not looking good for Arjun. When they turned their heads towards Arjun he was smiling at them with a warm look in his eyes. It was as if he was totally not related to the scenario happening around him. They hesitated at the entrance of his door thinking if to intrude in this time or not.
“ A meeting is not held here you know to think if you want to attend or escape from here”, commented Arjun with a smile.
With a feeble smile on their faces Sanjana and Janani entered the room.
“I think its inappropriate to ask this question now but still I want to know… How are you feeling now?”, asked Sanjana.
“Well as you can see am alive before you guys and ready to trouble you both for some more time now!”, smiled Arjun.
“Am soooooo sorry Arjun. I should have been more understanding of you guys being together and should have acted more mature. Will you please forgive me for acting so immaturely?”, gushed in Janani.
“Oh come on yaar Janu everyone makes mistakes. My policy is to not hold it against anyone. After all you never know what one is going through to make hasty judgements about them right?”
Hearing that Janani’s eyes filled with tears. “Arey please don’t cry yaar Janu… I will be all healthy and running in no time. You guys just wait and watch!!”, reassured Arjun.
Sanjana just kept staring at Arjun without a word. Neither did she cry nor talk a word to him. Just kept staring at his face long and hard with the tears threatening to fall out with the slightest provocation.
 Arjun also didn’t make an attempt to talk to Sanjana because he knew he had a long conversation due with her after he gets discharged from the hospital. He didn’t want this situation to come so soon, but then things never work out as he wants them to ever! So he just stared back at Sanjana at intervals to gauge her mood and feelings. He could visibly see that she was disturbed a lot and he felt now was not the time for any explanations.
Janani and Sannjana stayed till visiting time got over and as they moved towards the door Sanjana turned and whispered so that only Arjun could make out what she was saying and said, “I love you.”
Hearing that Arjun’s eyes filled with tears and he whispered back, “I love you too my dear Sanju.”
Arjun got discharged after a week and everyday till then both Sanjana and Janani made it a point to go meet Arjun and get him his favourite dishes to eat. The day after he got discharged he joined office and he knew Sanjana was patiently waiting all these days to have the dreaded conversation with him. He knew that he cannot escape this anymore and also he wanted Sanjana to understand things as they are and then proceed into this relationship however short it maybe.
Lunch time came too soon for Arjun’s liking and he and Sanjana met in the canteen as usual. They made small talk initially but Arjun was waiting for the question to come up anytime. Atlast Sanjana asked him, “Why didn’t you tell me this before Arjun?”
“See Sanju let me ask you one question. Do you think you would have enjoyed the moments that you had with me with as much happiness as you had now if you had known my situation earlier? Don’t you think that the moments made and cherished is much more important than thinking about what would happen in the future? Life is not guaranteed for anybody in this planet. Its just that some people know their end time is coming soon and that makes us easier to live our lives .You  know like we get to do all that we want before we move on!!”, Arjun said with a wink.
“This is not a matter to be made fun of Arjun. Even though what you say is right … still I would have liked to know your situation a bit earlier rather than get a rude shock of my life from your mother!”
“But Sanju just think if you would have let yourself be free with me after knowing my condition and also if you would have fallen in love with me? I don’t think that would have happened if you would have known my situation earlier. Your mind would have been occupied with my condition and you would have felt pity more than love on me. Now don’t deny that wont be the case because I know for a fact that you would have felt only pity and not love on me.”
“Well that probably might have been true Arjun still that does not justify your reason for not letting me know from you. I would have liked to know the situation from your mouth only.”
“Yes I know that Sanju I was waiting for an appropriate moment to let you know my situation which is not as easy to tell about to everyone that am going to die soon. How would it sound like if I went upto someone and said Hi am Arjun and my validity is just for a year or so. Would anyone even behave with me properly after I tell my situation? All I would get from them is a look of pity and sympathy which I have got in abundance from my family and friends, thank you very much and I don’t think I can handle any more of that shit.
Yes, am going to die. SO? Don’t I deserve an awesome time when am alive? I cant keep mourning about my condition forever now can I ? At some point I had to find my acceptance with things right? I did find it after a lot of struggle and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life when am alive for anything now. Especially now when I know the validity of my life. ”
 Sanjana sat quiet listening to Arjun’s speech without saying a word. She knew he was right but just that she was not able to still wrap her around the fact that the one person she had dared to love was going to leave her soon.  
“Ok Arjun. So now what?”
“Now we just enjoy the time we get to spend with each other and love each other as much as possible. Instead of spreading negative / sad vibes lets concentrate on spreading love/ positive vibes! Who knows I might start getting better and live with you forever .”
Sanjana couldn’t help but smile hearing the last few words of Arjun. “Oh how I wish that be the case! I would love to live with you forever and beyond that also! “
“Well Sanju be careful what you wish for!! Who knows it might come true also!! “, Arjun said with a wink.
“This is one wish am praying from my heart and soul to come true Arjun.”
To be continued. … ♡♡

Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 10 PART 1

​Continuation from previous post

Blue ticks….♥♥

Chapter 10 – Everything that has a beginning has an end – Part 1
“Janu…. Well ….. uhmmmm”, stammered Sanju.
“What the hell Sanju??? Why didn’t you tell me this sort of relationship was going on between you two? I mean he just broke off with me and so soon he has found a replacement? Wah Wah what a character he is!!”
“Now look her Janu…” , began Arjun.
“You shut up Arjun. You of all people do not have the right to speak right now. So please shut up. Am talking to my ex best friend and I don’t want any intereference.”
“ Janu please be sensible and rational in your thinking. I surely can understand your situation. But me and Arjun love each other and am sure he just had a liking for you that’s it and nothing else.”
Even though Sanjana and Arjun knew that they loved each other, it was the first that time that it was said out aloud. And Arjun looked at Sanjana with love filled eyes and Sanjana felt a warm feeling inside when saying those words.
“Oh is it my darling Sanju?? He has broken off with me so easily and not even a month has passed by and he has made you his life partner. Now isn’t that sweet, love? How romantic!! But I do have one doubt so if suppose he gets bored of you.. how long will he take to find another replacement??? Hmmmm… something to ponder about don’t you think Sanju darling?”
When Janani was busy arguing with Sanjana, Arjun suddenly fell down and started having a seizure.
Both Sanjana and Janani for a second didn’t understand anything and when they finally realised what was happening they rushed to Arjun’s side and dialled for an ambulance.
In the ambulance Sanjana searched for Arjun’s phone and took out from his shirt pocket and dialled his mom’s number. She informed her about the situation and also communicated as to which hospital they were taking Arjun. 
Emergency treatment was being given to Arjun when his mom burst through the hospital doors crying.
 “Where is my boy??? WHERE IS HE???”, screamed Arjun’s mom.
“Its ok aunty. He is alright now and he is being administered first aid.”
“We need to transfer him immediately to Prithvi hospital right now!”
“But aunty the facilities are good here. No need to panic”, replied Sanjana.
“No you don’t understand. He has to be transferred to that hospital ASAP. He has some serious health problems and they know his history there. So please arrange for his transfer immediately. Please.”
Sanjana and Janani were flabbergasted and they quietly made arrangements for Arjun’s transfer. What they couldn’t fathom was what health problems did Arjun have?
As the transfer to Prithvi hospital took place for Arjun… Sanjana, Janani and Arjun’s mom rushed to the hospital in a cab.
 “Ummm aunty if you don’t mind me asking, can I know what is the problem with Arjun’s health?”, enquired Sanjana.
“Well he has a brain tumour. He has been taking treatment for the same but the sad part is the doctors have left hope and has given deadline of only a year more for him to live”, sobbed his mom.
“WHAT!!!”, shouted Sanjana and Janani together.
“Yes dears didn’t he tell you?”
“No aunty he didn’t”, replied Janani. When she turned to look at Sanjana she could see that her best friend’s eyes were filled with tears and were pouring unchecked from her eyes. Even though Janani was really mad at Sanjana,  she just couldn’t bear to see her crying so she hugged to console her.
Sanjana just leaned onto Janani and drew strength from her best friend since childhood. She forgot all the enemity and the fights and she just felt grateful for the strong shoulder that her friend was providing her at the time of need.
They reached the hospital and all three rushed inside to know the status of Arjun.
“Mrs. Malhothra… I am sorry to say that Arjun’s health is deteriorating rapidly he has not got much time to live.”
On hearing this Arjun’s mom burst out crying.
“Aunty its ok please hang on. Nothing will happen to Arjun.”Sanjana said and embraced her.
“My baby… my poor baby”, sobbed Arjun’s mom.
“Am sorry Mrs. Malhothra. You can see your son tomorrow morning. Right now he needs some rest.
The sun dawned late that day and the sky was cloudy matching the mood of Sanjana. Previous day had been very eventful and she didn’t sleep properly. Thoughts about Arjun and the doctor’s words kept swirling in her mind non stop.
“My Arjun is going to die. I cannot believe this. I mean he was so healthy right before my eyes until the moment we kissed. How is this even possible?? I simply refuse to believe this!!”Sanjana kept saying to herself all through the morning till she started to the hospital to meet Arjun.
As she reached the hospital she was surprised to find Janani standing outside the entrance of the hospital as if waiting to talk to her.
“Hi Sanju. Can I talk to you for a minute?”
“Sure Janu. Tell me what is it?”
“I have been thinking about a lot of things after yesterday’s event. Come to think about it Arjun has never been really interested in me and neither  me on him. I was acting irrationally with both you guys yesterday and I felt really bad about my behaviour all throughout. I think I should have been more understanding and supportive of both you guys. Will you forgive this silly immature girl and accept me back as your friend?”
“Oh Janu …. You silly silly girl!! Come her you!!”saying that Sanjana embraced Janani in a bear hug and she whispered, “I missed you my Janu!!”
“Missed you too Sanju!!!”, replied Janani with tears in her eyes.
“Come my BFF lets go meet Arjun and see how he is doing”, Sanjana said with a big smile on her face while holding Janani’s arms and pulling her along.
Both the friends with a big happy smile on their faces marched towards Arjun’s room.
To be continued….♡♡