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She was Mad. Mad against the world and mad against herself. Was it her fault that she was different? Her fault that God made her special? It seemed like the whole world was against her and she was Swimming against the tide.

The River and the nature had a calming effect on her mind. Whenever she was upset she retreated to her secret lair to calm her agitated body and mind. Soul cleansing was an essential process in her weekly ritual of solitude.

Her car stood in its usual place as she slowly returned to the reality. An envelope lay in her car seat waiting to be opened. After she read it , the relentless pour of tears could bot be stopped. It was from her mom.

It contained just one sentence. After much reflection and thought I accept you for who you are my darling.

She was glad her mother gave her a shot and allowed her to be herself despite the discrimination she would be facing in the world.

As she drove towards home with a bittersweet heart she stopped at her favourite cafe to get herself a coffee. As she entered her eyes immediately fell on her mother holding a mug of hot chocolate with a pen in her hand lost deep in thoughts.

She smiled to herself and gently tapped her mom and said, “ Lets go mom , its getting late.” Mom was startled but immediately she composed herself grabbed her house key and said , “ Yes my darling its very late indeed!”

As the sun set for the day mother and daughter walked to the car . One still absorbing her sexuality, other still accepting it.


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Forbidden kiss

The forbidden path , that we began,

A tiny kiss, bursting passion,

Willing to stop, if we can.

Distant love, society norms.

Married yet alone,

In union we become one.

In dark we love,

In light we talk through eyes the untold.

Finally we meet,

There you stand like a visual treat.

Unbuttoning each other a visual treat,

On you jump on my hip.

Hands tracing your beautiful curves,

The dark valley, my fingers waiting to serve.

The love making as sweet as our first,

Even though it maybe the last,

Never will it die, that is our thirst.


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A single bite of lust,

The sin trailing a path on the corner of my mouth.

Heavy breathing fills the air,

To stop the pleasure,

I do not dare.

One bite , never enough,

Lost in you , I found the treasure trove.

Rarely do I get to devour you,

But rest assured that I will always love you.


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Mental Health

I see you but I don’t,

A light so far away its out of reach.

Breathing an accessory to live,

Everyday a challenge.

Help at hand ,

Only if reached out for.

Getting up ,a task

What is wrong with me , they ask.

Depression is an ailment they say,

To get out is what they all pray.


Dedicated to mental health day.

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The one that got away

A feather touch,

Heightened sensations.

Our time together,

Memories it became like a gentle swaying feather.

Flying away slowly,

Sometimes up and sometimes down.

Just within reach,

Yet hard to get hold of.

Bless the happy times,

For you were the bird that got away.


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Tiny life

A dream, so far away,

Small smile was just needed to brighten up their day.

Tiny feet and hands grazing her face,

Tears aflow abundantly down her cheeks.

Struggle of the past,

All a breeze.

For in worth of a life,

The journey to the goal was filled with hope and belief.


Dedicated to all couples struggling with their battle with infertility❤️❤️

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Virgin dream

A sanctity of mine,

Broken tonight.

A cry and a tear,

Pleasure unlimited to bear.

A holy virgin till this moment,

You came along like an evil satan.

Ravishing me with unabashed passion,

We finally completed our sacred union.


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A sinful night

Sweat tracing a cool path,

Burning hot i lay below the sheet.

Satiated beyond my expectations,

Heart thumping wildly.

Fingers and toy a pleasure heaven,

Thriving alive in my nimble fingers.

Climax not a faraway dream now,

I finish strong with an arch and a moan.


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Naked to the eyes i sat,

A childful soul,

Peaceful mind.

Dancing with the wind, crying with the rain.

Rivers flowing abundantly with water,

My reflection, a memory to cherish.

For unknown to my heart and mind,

In past lay innocence

In future rests my growth.


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Time immemorial

A ‘yes’ was all it took,To make what was mine yours.

A life in me,

Name be yours.

Little bit of courage,

Bravery in abundance.

‘No’ was all you said,

Running away was all i did.

New life set foot soon,

“A name “, he asked pushing me into gloom.

Replica of you , life was cruel,

In remembering you i was doomed for time immemorial.