​A writer’s pickup lines..well maybe…😜😜
“You are the ink to my paper where your words touches my heart each time you say something to me.”
” You are the words behind my masterpieces which form the soul of my expression.”
P.s… Just my version of pickup lines by a writer. Not really been used i think 😂😂


FOREVER BONDED (NICHOLAS SPARKS books names present in poem) 

The last song played

Close together we stayed

Hands still entwined

Eyes staring deeply

In each other we found a safe haven

Together we live in heaven

Lucky one, we consider each other

Forgetting we are the choice of one another 

Dear John, you bring out the best of me

A page in the notebook contains this journey

Storing this message in a bottle , to make you recall.

Dear Darling, thank you for the reminder

For in anger, i forgot a walk i had to remember 

In anger we open this message

To remember what we mean to each other

In happiness and sadness we stand

Forever we have a bond.



​Tired she sat on the chair

Staring at the colourful autumn leaves

With blank eyes

Looking but not observing

I made my way slowly,

Observing her with love and bit of sadness in my eyes

Once an energetic lady now a silent observer

Hope of revival not far

Situation a test of time and patience

I place my hand gently over her shoulders

She looks up giving me a hint of a smile in recognition 

Heart flutters with joy,

I hold up my umbrella ,to protect her from heat and all the troubles she is facing

We walk in silence,

And in this quietness we find peace.


​Lying on the bed till morning with you , a luxury i rarely get

Lost in the feeling of touch and passion

Eventful night passed in eternal bliss

Lemonade  forming droplets of condensation on the glass 

Half empty and rest untouched

Smiling with satisfaction enraptured  by our love

I bask in gentle sunlight that flows through the window

Happy and peaceful with a new day and new beginning.


Even in coldness he kept her warm, in darkness gave her light. Years had flown since he passed away. She had cried, stayed silent , got angry and finally now got peace. Final goodbyes were hard but now she was ready to move on and she hugged his memories one final time before she made peace with life. 


​Music tugging at my heart strings 

He played his notes to perfection

Fingers gliding along the keys like smooth butter

Every note a symphony

Playing his music he whisks me away to his world

Taking me through every one of his experiences

As the music draws to a climax

All we can see are unshed tears and silent claps


The threaded parchment  lay before her staring at her with heart wrenching truths. Her past had always been worthy of fantasies and magical spells but to actually read about her childhood stories and her Special powers which she always possessed was a terrifying thought.
Munching on an apple she kept staring at the parchment. Apples had never been her favourite but apparently she had to have it everyday to keep herself alive. Weird as it sounded she had been taking it for as long as she could start biting and eating food.
Carefully surveying her surrounding before opening the parchment she satisfied herself that she was alone. Reading about herself with utmost concentration her eyes stopped in the passage containing about her soulbinding to fellow spell caster.
Soul binding was a process done when spell casters were in tender age in order for them to bond and join with the person best suited to their talents and skill.
It was funny how life turned out for she had found her soul bound person on her own and now she understood why she felt a strong connection with him.
In a pensive mood she proceeded to read on about her ‘other’ unknown powers. Time flew by and it was already dusk before she closed the parchment with a golden rope which emphasised its value.
Collecting her things and finishing up her remaining cold coffee she got up from her seat with a satisfied stomach and answers for many questions which were a mystery till this point.
She got into her car and proceeded towards one  constant thing which was her home. Ignoring the ‘PROCEED WITH CAUTION’ sign she drove towards the unfinished bridge. At its end she halted and extended her hand towards an invisible object and pressed the button. 
The car along with her in it was absorbed into the road and she was lowered slowly onto the platform which lead to her car garage.
As she parked and entered the door her husband and son stood waiting with anxious faces.
“All is good”, she smiled and scooped her son in her arms and pecked a kiss on her husband’s lips.


Boggled down by responsibilities
Freedom from worries is a rarity

Growing up was never easy

Year on year we only get queasy

Choices to make every day

Decisions to be made every hour

Is inner peace really afar?

To live happy is to free the mind

On a journey we must go to find 

The inner peace and freedom to bind.