​A writer’s pickup lines..well maybe…😜😜
“You are the ink to my paper where your words touches my heart each time you say something to me.”
” You are the words behind my masterpieces which form the soul of my expression.”
P.s… Just my version of pickup lines by a writer. Not really been used i think 😂😂



​The alchemy of her heart was as complex as her chemical mixing for she had never been touched in spirit and in body. 

Love reaction was waiting to happen as she longed for her perfect match to shatter her stillness  of heart.


Even in coldness he kept her warm, in darkness gave her light. Years had flown since he passed away. She had cried, stayed silent , got angry and finally now got peace. Final goodbyes were hard but now she was ready to move on and she hugged his memories one final time before she made peace with life. 


​As she abandoned her clothes , she abandoned her fear.
Breaking down her walls she let him enter her world and body.
A tormented body and soul in the past, she had healed slowly.
Love glued her broken heart and body piece by piece.
And now she lay  with a naked soul and body in front of him with love filled heart and eyes , waiting patiently to start LIVING once again.