Eyes defined 

But all that was seen was my face

Scars and pain etched on it

A flinch seen everytime I enter

Folds of cloth covering the secrets

To save my breathe for explanations,

To protect me from sympathies.

All I wanted was respect

Now I just wish , I could forgive

The man I had never met.




Pulled to you i stayed put

Hand cuffed yet free

Each night a torment yet a pleasure

Pain yet heaven

Day by day it went on

War between body and soul

Darkness tempting my light

Tied yet struggling to take flight 

A fine day i wake up with a scream

Walking away thinking all to be just a dream.


​Following patterns i walk the first path

Eerie surroundings make my heart pound

‘Am digging my own grave’, i think to myself

Hesitant and curious steps pull my body forward

Ghostly figures zoom by

My face drained of blood , looking Ashen

Final pattern halts my progress

‘X’ marks the spot

As nervous nerves hit my veins

A sound makes me look up

A burst , flowers and my boyfriend fall from a tree

He on a rope holding a flower

Flaunting the fact he is a mountain climber

A mini heart attack later 

I find my voice

A proposal and surprise

A day that ended with double delights.


Backpack on my shoulders

My travel list gets taller

Sunrise here and a sunset there

Each a special occasion 

Without a moment to spare

Hitch hiking i sit to rest

Out of nowhere he jumps out

Putting my courage to test

Sparks ignite immediately 

We ravage each other fiercely 

Satiated we cuddle for a bit

Excitement are aplenty with my bearded bandit.


It was a premediated plan

Using the telescope the only option

For the date he would have will happen only once 

Opportunity missed , never to be seen again for a very long time

Waiting for his date had never been more pleasurable

A gentle fire warming his body outwardly and a wine glass warming him from inside

Scheduled time to meet fast approaching

Heart pounding with anticipation

There she went in lightening speed

Even a moment of distraction acting as a lost opportunity

His eyes ravished her to his heart’s content

For it was his dream to get even a glimpse of her

He knew he might never see her again in this lifetime

But his heart and mind were at peace for his date had not disappointed him.

Time lapse

Floating on the river of time

Drowning under mountanious work

Coming to my senses a herculean task

Deadlines nearing , 

Surrounded by coffee flasks 

The only entertainment is watching the time ticking by

Continuously to the work am tied

End point just a few months away

After which its just get sun kissed and whole day play.

Unconditional love

​It was a bright sunny Sunday morning and I just had pancakes for breakfast. It was my birthday today. I had to go out to meet my boyfriend and it was already getting late. Just as i finished eating i heard the doorbell ring and i went to see who it was. When i opened the door noone was there. With my face all scrunched up with annoyance i was about to shut the door when i noticed the lumpy parcel with balloons along side it. Getting all excited i opened the parcel with enthusiasm of a two year old getting presents. Tears were flowing from my eyes as i had got the favourite picture of me and dad together on our backyard swing with a cute little teddy bear. I mouthed out loud the words, ” I miss you dad.” Instantly i heard a reply in my dad’s voice, “I miss you too my angel.” Shocked i turned around to see my boyfriend emerging from behind a tree. I rushed to hug him. He said, ” Happy bday my love!! I cannot give you back your dad but me being a ventriloquist, I can just give you his voice. Hope you are happy with that love!! ” All i could manage was a sob and a hug and feel loved and content in the arms of my loved one.