A lone wanderer

A lone fish, a wanderer

Home yet far away,

Travel a pleasure, adventures aplenty underwater,

Smiling at the known, scared and excited for the unknown,

Time Slipping away , journey never ending,

A goal just an eye wash,

For I seek the truth of life ,

And not a definite end.



Waiting for you..

Hours in front of a screen,

Willing it to change from last seen to seen,

Every second a million heart beats,

Your words are my only treat.

Seconds to minutes to hours to days,

Waiting to see your beautiful display picture face.

Friends or more?

Is it love? Did I score?

At last I see the ‘typing..’ word,

Will I be a crushed or a love bird?


The climb

The will to live, a reason to die,

Heaving the burden, I let out a big sigh.

Struggling to go on, wanting to give up,

An option to go back ,

Ever present in front as a Bait.

Huffing and puffing, break the obstacles,

End in sight, omnipresence of excitement lingering everywhere.

A backpack on shoulder, a stick in hand,

Small victory achieved, happiness engulfing my world.

The sun shines bright on my face,

Alas I win my life’s most important race.



If wings could fly, i would

Life is never easy,

At every stage of life, 

Broken at some point, i stood.

Tears, a precious gem,

In abundance it flowed.

Wealth never an obstacle,

Happiness, a hallucination 

Like a drop of water in an endless 


Becoming stronger never an option,

For it was an ultimatum in living a life.


Part 4 -Trapped
Hurrying to straighten myself i pushed Lisa away and stretched my hands to embrace Vihaan. 
“Mommy were you kissing Lisa aunty just now?”, Vihaan asked with a confused look.
“No baby, dust had gone into Aunty’s eyes i was just blowing it away.”
“Ok mom.”
Patting his head on my shoulder I struggled to calm myself before i lost control. Control was the one stable thing in my ever changing life.
Lisa smiled her Devilish smile and proceeded to sleep peacefully feeling accomplished. 
Landing and check out process went ahead with no drama and we headed towards our pick up.
The pick up was in a van which puzzled me since I had expected a private car for our mission. As it turned out our mission was not as I expected.
The van contained around 10 people all into their own worlds already. Choosing my place carefully I headed to the back of the van , which was as far away from Lisa I could get.
Vihaan tired from travel remained quiet and settled down to sleep on my shoulder as soon as I sat down. 
As the van started , an announcement was made which shocked me.
” Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your new adventure which will change your course of lives not just for the period of time that you are with us but after this too. The FBI sincerely welcomes all its interns for a life changing experience.”
“FBI??? I thought they were sending me for an important mission atleast that’s what I was told… WTH…”
I got up to leave , when I felt a hand on my thighs. That familiar touch and immediate goosebumps on my skin. 
” Hello Rita, how have you been?”
I turned my head to gaze into his beautiful brown eyes and fall head over heels for him again. 
To be continued…..💕

To be or not to be -Part 3

Part 3- Agonising feelings 
“So from when have you been assigned to my case?”
“Oh from when they knew that you were going to be assigned to it!!”, She smirked.
“You requested that you be assigned or …”
“No idea what you are hinting at.”
Rolling my eyes I dragged my tired body and mind to sit in front of departure gate. 
The call for boarding was made on schedule to my relief and we sat down in our alloted seat. To my utter dismay Lisa was right next to me.
She smiled and settled down with a book to read. I chose to ignore her since I didn’t want to irritate myself further than I already was. 
As the plane took off my senses calmed and I closed my eyes for a nap keeping an ear out for Vihaan. Just as I was about to fall asleep I felt a hand on my thighs. Startled I woke up.
When I looked at who it was I was surprised to find Lisa sitting close to me and looking into my eyes with pure lust.
Taken aback with the intensity of the gaze I was confused what reaction to give . My initial response was to ignore her advances but then what I had gone through made me rethink my response.
Do I dare to release my innermost feelings still present for her or do I just show a casual interest and engage in a one night stand? 
Before the mind could decide the body had already started the action. Two full lips clashed together to form an explosion so intense it seemed as if rocking the whole plane.
Suppressed feelings slowly raised it’s head. Hands traced a familiar path they had travelled before. 
Forgetting the present we went to our own planets as we usually do as things started more intense, a pull on my dress was made.
Squatting away the hand I proceeded to ravage her mouth. Again the pull. Annoyed at the disturbance I opened my eyes to Vihaans confused look.

To be continued…..💕