Mystery woman

Contemplating the past,

Mysteries were a plenty.

Questions without answers

A small town that she made hers.

Ravenous rage consuming everyone,

Each an actor of their own.

A smile , an embrace,

Exuding charm, buried in secrets.

Inebriated with curiosity,

Setting out to search for the answers.

Staring deep into her eyes I sat,

With a coffee and her painting containing her mysterious eyes.


Warrior heart

A class apart

The world different 

Challenging the norms

Creating my own path.

Labeled as a Tom boy,

Feigning ignorance to the word coy.

Scaling mountain testing you,

Difficulties a challenge,

Hot sun and skies clear blue.

Reaching the top a feeling apart,

Won the war with my warrior woman heart.

Love hate

A mistake so grave, 

He cursed fate.

Unrequited love, broken hearts.

Seeking truths , living lies,

Everyday an agony, tomorrow a boon.

Clean looked the room, yet dust filled the void.

Hate, easy way out yet heart yearned to love.

Filled with nostalgia, cherished the time with her,

Alas it remained a dream,

Neither a reality nor helped maintain my sanity.


The bottle in my hand,

Swirl around in a daze.

Reason, clues gone wrong,

Realising that life is a game of ping pong.

Light between oceans an only hope,

Fallen stars , a lost dream.

Jessie, my only companion,

Serendipity leading to her discovery.

Two lost hearts, finding each other one day.

Before sunrise we settle ,

Because it’s another day gone ,

Awaiting new battles to be won.

A rainy night

I see your blue eyes

Saying so many things 

All that remains are so many ‘why’s.

A smile on the tree, a kiss on the bench,

Rainfall spattering everywhere

But it is in memories that I get drenched.

A lonely soul on a park’s bench,

Alone yet with company,

A single thread on nostalgia,

Tender words and moments exchanged.

My favourite place in the whole world,

From where our journey started getting built.

You in me

A familiar face 

Travelling back in time 

A smile full of innocence 

Now filled with pretence.

Being naive a character 

Now doesn’t even matter .

Smiling fondly i gaze at you,

In the past you stay,

Now its time for me to stay true ,

For its because of ‘you’ i have become new.

The kite

Being a child we learn to be happy 

Flying a kite teaches us to dream and take flight

In ups and downs lies the journey 

Falling we rise again.

Destination never a constant 

In the journey we find meaning of life.

Fly , fly , fly away,

For in this world you are meant to stay.
-Nithya ❤️


An angel of life

The angel of death

Sitting on the rock with wings spread

Vast was the world as was the thoughts

Musing and drowning in games of the mind

Be an angel or demon was the struggle 

In situation lied the answer.

While in light an angel,

And in dark a demon.

Ways of the world a confusing state 

For in an angel you find a demon ,

In demon, an angel.