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Waiting for you..

Hours in front of a screen,

Willing it to change from last seen to seen,

Every second a million heart beats,

Your words are my only treat.

Seconds to minutes to hours to days,

Waiting to see your beautiful display picture face.

Friends or more?

Is it love? Did I score?

At last I see the ‘typing..’ word,

Will I be a crushed or a love bird?


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The climb

The will to live, a reason to die,

Heaving the burden, I let out a big sigh.

Struggling to go on, wanting to give up,

An option to go back ,

Ever present in front as a Bait.

Huffing and puffing, break the obstacles,

End in sight, omnipresence of excitement lingering everywhere.

A backpack on shoulder, a stick in hand,

Small victory achieved, happiness engulfing my world.

The sun shines bright on my face,

Alas I win my life’s most important race.


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The rain 

A dull day

Pitter patter of rain

Strolling aimlessly

I stand at my secret haven

Countless choices at hand

Yet i see the same face.

There she stands,

Same as me , but with a warm smile.

Ah that comfort on a tortured mind.

With matching umbrellas we stand still.

A moment, one heartbeat,

Rush into each other arms.

Years separated us due to misunderstandings,

Now we unite as maturity ripened.

Lived as two, but we are one.

Yes, she back,

My one and only twin.

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Love through the seasons

​Tired she sat on the chair

Staring at the colourful autumn leaves

With blank eyes

Looking but not observing

I made my way slowly,

Observing her with love and bit of sadness in my eyes

Once an energetic lady now a silent observer

Hope of revival not far

Situation a test of time and patience

I place my hand gently over her shoulders

She looks up giving me a hint of a smile in recognition 

Heart flutters with joy,

I hold up my umbrella ,to protect her from heat and all the troubles she is facing

We walk in silence,

And in this quietness we find peace.

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LOVE ACROSS TIME – short story

It was gonna strike 5.32pm and i looked with excitement at the huge london clock tower. The sky was gloomy and overcast. Dark clouds threatened to burst at any time. But it never dampened my spirit and i counted each second as it passed by with agonising speed.

My concentration was divided between the clock and the streets as it scanned by for the one person who knew the importance of the moment the time held.

5:30pm and 40 seconds had gone by. Anxiety and joy bubbling, waiting to come out. Still no sight of the person who my heart wanted to see and yearned for.

5.31pm 30 seconds…. eyes frantic , willing for a miracle. A single droplet of water falls on the street. Heaven and fate willed it to repeat the same events which had taken on that day at the same time.

As the clock ran as fast as a jet towards the special moment , my eyes were feasted with HIS figure running like a crazed person , face full of tension and hand holding umbrella, briefcase and a single rose flower.

I smiled knowing his usual habit of being punctual wherever he went. After all living with him for past 30 years had changed nothing except his looks and maybe a tiny bit of his punctuality.

As he kneeled before me , rose out stretched and fully out of breath , the clock struck 5.32pm and he could barely gasp out the words, ” I love you, will you marry me?.”

“Yes”, i replies bending to help him to his feet and took the rose from his hand and put my other hand inside his arm.

As we walked towards home with the same old umbrella opened over our heads we reminiscenced the day we had committed to each other and basked in each others love and warmth on a cold rainy evening.