Crumpled bloody sheet,

Bruised face, body still in the heat.

Lots of people wait to see,

None a wise man, willing to set her free.

A hurt heart and a wounded soul,

Pitiful glances and a blanket rolled.

Justice a far fetched dream,

Months dragged by, all that was heard was her screams.

Belly growing, a petrifying jolt to reality.

Choices to make, over a glass of tea.

Choosing to give life a hard choice,

Her voice shut down, why stop a tiny new noise?

Small feet make way for a new dawn,

A year of new life and here the birthday candles are blown.


Mystery woman

Contemplating the past,

Mysteries were a plenty.

Questions without answers

A small town that she made hers.

Ravenous rage consuming everyone,

Each an actor of their own.

A smile , an embrace,

Exuding charm, buried in secrets.

Inebriated with curiosity,

Setting out to search for the answers.

Staring deep into her eyes I sat,

With a coffee and her painting containing her mysterious eyes.

Warrior heart

A class apart

The world different 

Challenging the norms

Creating my own path.

Labeled as a Tom boy,

Feigning ignorance to the word coy.

Scaling mountain testing you,

Difficulties a challenge,

Hot sun and skies clear blue.

Reaching the top a feeling apart,

Won the war with my warrior woman heart.

Love hate

A mistake so grave, 

He cursed fate.

Unrequited love, broken hearts.

Seeking truths , living lies,

Everyday an agony, tomorrow a boon.

Clean looked the room, yet dust filled the void.

Hate, easy way out yet heart yearned to love.

Filled with nostalgia, cherished the time with her,

Alas it remained a dream,

Neither a reality nor helped maintain my sanity.


The bottle in my hand,

Swirl around in a daze.

Reason, clues gone wrong,

Realising that life is a game of ping pong.

Light between oceans an only hope,

Fallen stars , a lost dream.

Jessie, my only companion,

Serendipity leading to her discovery.

Two lost hearts, finding each other one day.

Before sunrise we settle ,

Because it’s another day gone ,

Awaiting new battles to be won.

A rainy night

I see your blue eyes

Saying so many things 

All that remains are so many ‘why’s.

A smile on the tree, a kiss on the bench,

Rainfall spattering everywhere

But it is in memories that I get drenched.

A lonely soul on a park’s bench,

Alone yet with company,

A single thread on nostalgia,

Tender words and moments exchanged.

My favourite place in the whole world,

From where our journey started getting built.

You in me

A familiar face 

Travelling back in time 

A smile full of innocence 

Now filled with pretence.

Being naive a character 

Now doesn’t even matter .

Smiling fondly i gaze at you,

In the past you stay,

Now its time for me to stay true ,

For its because of ‘you’ i have become new.