Fashion and me.

Fashion a word that excites most women and men too. The struggle to be up to date with fashion and put up all ‘professional’ pictures has taken over the world of blogging by storm.

Fashion according to me is personalized feature. What you want to wear and how you want to wear is upto you. Yes you may offend a whole number of ‘fashionistas’ but then ultimately if you are comfortable in what you are wearing and basically comfortable in your skin that makes fashion for you.

Am not a Fashionista or anybody significant for that matter. I used to feel fat most of my life and my eyes and heart always envied a lot of hep and beautiful ladies out there wearing all sort of clothes which I would not wear. It was not I could not but just that I was NOT WILLING to even try them out.

All that changed when I got married. My husband was an ever supportive person and helped me lose a few kgs which instantly boosted a bit of my confidence.

Now I am open to trying new, hep clothes too and hope I succeed in future with a load of other new stuff. 

Always a struggle but with a will to try to change.

With love and little bit of sorrow

Always in the dark about new fashion,



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