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To be or not to be -Part 2

Part 2- Old habits die hard
“Oh crap”, I mumbled.
“What is that my dear?”, Lisa asked.
“Hi hi , Momma who is this aunty?” , my son asked shaking Lisa’s outstretched hand like a water pump. 
“Vihaan , leave that hand alone or you are going rip it off its socket!!!”, I admonished him with stern eyes.
He sulked and started playing with his tennis ball.
“Hi Lisa, I would love to stay and chat but as you can see I am in bit of a hurry now. See you later.”
I didn’t wait for her answer and dragged Vihaan and my luggage once again to the check in counter. 
Successfully checking in later I breathed out the air that I had been holding onto nervously for so long. Just as I sat down with all my energy drained out I heard a voice once more which made me jump out of my skin.
“You didn’t think you could run away so easily from me , huh?”
With irritated eyes I turned to reply when I saw Lisa AGAIN.
“What the heck is matter with you Lisa? If I told no to you once, can’t you understand it? Which part of NO can you not understand?”
“I didn’t want this too… But unfortunately or fortunately I am ur ‘partner in crime’ for this mission.”
I couldn’t believe my ears. Whoever I didn’t want to meet kept coming back to haunting me.
Anger filling my face and eyes I stared at her face. Her face always a sign of calmness and serenity started showing signs of worry and underlying excitement. 
Strangely I was having an excitement too in all my anger. Remembering our past relationship I was getting all riled up. With Vihaans pulling of my skirt I was jolted back into the present.
To be continued…..💕
To be or not to be -Prologue

To be or not to be -Part 1



Late 20s, amateur writer, house wife, stumbling across words and sentences trying to write stuff which makes sense and sometimes sounds non-sense too😛

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