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To be or not to be… Prologue

She sat still with the cup of coffee still in the hand. Gaze falling on the droplets of water tracing down its path on the windows of the cafe. 
No stranger to the place, she felt comfortable spending her time there in her favourite spot reminiscing about what happened and what she imagined her life to be. 
A single way ticket to Paris guided her future life. New place, new people and of course a new life. 
The irony of the situation got to her. All that she wanted was constant people and things in life right now, and she was getting just the opposite. 
Scanning the cafe her eyes fell on a yellow envelope stamped with her name. A knowing smile and a note stating a closure.
A small laugh escaped her. Toddler that he was , rushed to her and pulled at her skirt. 
“Momma, can we leave now?”, he enquired with his Irresistible puppy dog eyes.
“Of course my darling”, she smiled and took her belongings with her leaving behind a hefty final tip to the waiter. 
Life was a journey she knew but never had it got as interesting as it had become now….
To be continued…. πŸ’•



Late 20s, amateur writer, house wife, stumbling across words and sentences trying to write stuff which makes sense and sometimes sounds non-sense tooπŸ˜›

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