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To be or not to be -Part 1

Part 1 – Who I am and Who will I be?
The journey to the train station was as event less as it could get. Apart from the fact that my son has inherited my boyfriend’s annoying habit of chattering non stop when on travel. 
“Momma look at that building, see see a limo… A cute girl momma !!! ”
I paused my thoughts with the last comment of his and stared at his face with incredulity. 
“What are they teaching you at school young man?” 
“Nothing momma!!”
Again that puppy dog face he perennially uses to calm me down. With a sigh of exasperation I turned my head back to the busy streets.
My eyes though wandering aimlessly on the streets caught sight of a familiar face staring at me as we passed by. My breath caught in my throat as it was HIM. The one guy whom I wanted to avoid meeting before I started on my adventure was standing right in front of me.
A lame effort of hiding behind a very transparent glass was made. My son , an over enthusiast that he was waved at everyone he could lay his eyes on. 
My desperation to get to the airport only got worse and traffic was not being my friend right now. An inch by inch movement made my second more agonising than the previous.
Ions of travel time later we finally reached our destination on time and I ran dragging my luggage and my son when I banged into someone.
Luggage, my son and me fell in different directions. With panic in my eyes, I frantically reached for my son. 
” Well , well if it isn’t the famous criminal Rita” a female voice whispered in my ears.
My panic worsening into a panic attack with the voice I raised my head to look into HERs my ex-girlfriend….
To be continued…..💕



Late 20s, amateur writer, house wife, stumbling across words and sentences trying to write stuff which makes sense and sometimes sounds non-sense too😛

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