Unconditional love

​It was a bright sunny Sunday morning and I just had pancakes for breakfast. It was my birthday today. I had to go out to meet my boyfriend and it was already getting late. Just as i finished eating i heard the doorbell ring and i went to see who it was. When i opened the door noone was there. With my face all scrunched up with annoyance i was about to shut the door when i noticed the lumpy parcel with balloons along side it. Getting all excited i opened the parcel with enthusiasm of a two year old getting presents. Tears were flowing from my eyes as i had got the favourite picture of me and dad together on our backyard swing with a cute little teddy bear. I mouthed out loud the words, ” I miss you dad.” Instantly i heard a reply in my dad’s voice, “I miss you too my angel.” Shocked i turned around to see my boyfriend emerging from behind a tree. I rushed to hug him. He said, ” Happy bday my love!! I cannot give you back your dad but me being a ventriloquist, I can just give you his voice. Hope you are happy with that love!! ” All i could manage was a sob and a hug and feel loved and content in the arms of my loved one.


12 thoughts on “Unconditional love

  1. Hello! How’s everything? I’ve been reading your blog posts and I got inspired to end my two months writing hiatus, haha. I missed this community, I miss reading blogs from the wonderful people of this Page. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Is it okay if I follow you? I hope you can follow me as well. Have fun writing!


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