He waited patiently in the shadows… waiting for the right moment to encounter her.
Chelsea walked the streets in a daze,  in her own world of thoughts, thinking about the days happenings.
Dave had acted weird that day. He was all jumpy and kept staring at a point which was always just exactly behind her back and kept running away from her whenever she tried to talk to him.
“What’s with Dave today?” , she wondered.
Lost in her thoughts she reached home and unlocked the door to her house thinking about Dave’s behaviour when she noticed that the door to her house was already unlocked and she was surprised since she remembered locking the door to her apartment before starting to work.
“That’s strange. I remember locking the door “, she thought to herself.
She cautiously walked through the door without making a noise with her pepper spray in hand ready to spray on the intruders face.
She carefully treaded the floor lest she make a noise and alert the intruder. As she scouted the house she heard a thud from her bedroom and she immediately ran into her room.
As she entered the room she heard a voice boom, “Who are you and what do you want?”
Chelsea was confused for a moment since she was supposed to be asking that question. 
When she turned towards the person addressing her she realised that it was Daniel and he had a look of pure horror and terror mixed look on his face. He kept moving back towards the wall with a baseball bat in his hand for protection and he kept swallowing up the scream that was rising at the back of his throat.
Daniel??? Shit… It was HIM Daniel… the guy who had raped her and beat her to a pulp…. but why was he scared of her she wondered to herself.
That’s when she noticed herself in the mirror.  Even though there was no reflection she could see herself covered in blood and she looked scary as hell.
As the realisation dawned on her , her mouth curved into an eerie smile and she spoke to Daniel , ” Let’s get started on payback time , Shall we my friend??”


3 thoughts on “REVENGE

  1. Wow! Exciting story, so many questions to answer, especially bout her being covered in blood and Daniel being afraid of her. I didn’t quite get why he’d be so scared of her since, he obviously was in her apartment with more malevolent purpose to hurt her, having raped her in the past. I think he’d be more like ,” what the hell happened to you. Oh god, you’re covered in blood.” My other question is why Dave was so jumpy? How did he know or why did he feel something was going to happen to her. And I think her being covered in blood, would scare her more than anything. How does it it give her the strength to kill Daniel when she doesn’t have the strength to defeat him with a bat? Does she suddenly have super powers?

    Great writing, I enjoyed it. It’s just somethings that crossed my mind, I also could’ve come into the middle of serial story, and that would be why the reader isn’t told certain things. 😊🎈


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