Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 10 PART 2

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​Blue ticks…. ♥♥
Chapter 10 – Everything that has a beginning has an end – Part 2
As Sanjana and Janani entered into Arjun’s room, they could see Arjun’s mom weeping in one corner uncontrollably and Arjun’s father was in deep discussion with the doctor with a helpless look on his face.
They came to know that things were not looking good for Arjun. When they turned their heads towards Arjun he was smiling at them with a warm look in his eyes. It was as if he was totally not related to the scenario happening around him. They hesitated at the entrance of his door thinking if to intrude in this time or not.
“ A meeting is not held here you know to think if you want to attend or escape from here”, commented Arjun with a smile.
With a feeble smile on their faces Sanjana and Janani entered the room.
“I think its inappropriate to ask this question now but still I want to know… How are you feeling now?”, asked Sanjana.
“Well as you can see am alive before you guys and ready to trouble you both for some more time now!”, smiled Arjun.
“Am soooooo sorry Arjun. I should have been more understanding of you guys being together and should have acted more mature. Will you please forgive me for acting so immaturely?”, gushed in Janani.
“Oh come on yaar Janu everyone makes mistakes. My policy is to not hold it against anyone. After all you never know what one is going through to make hasty judgements about them right?”
Hearing that Janani’s eyes filled with tears. “Arey please don’t cry yaar Janu… I will be all healthy and running in no time. You guys just wait and watch!!”, reassured Arjun.
Sanjana just kept staring at Arjun without a word. Neither did she cry nor talk a word to him. Just kept staring at his face long and hard with the tears threatening to fall out with the slightest provocation.
 Arjun also didn’t make an attempt to talk to Sanjana because he knew he had a long conversation due with her after he gets discharged from the hospital. He didn’t want this situation to come so soon, but then things never work out as he wants them to ever! So he just stared back at Sanjana at intervals to gauge her mood and feelings. He could visibly see that she was disturbed a lot and he felt now was not the time for any explanations.
Janani and Sannjana stayed till visiting time got over and as they moved towards the door Sanjana turned and whispered so that only Arjun could make out what she was saying and said, “I love you.”
Hearing that Arjun’s eyes filled with tears and he whispered back, “I love you too my dear Sanju.”
Arjun got discharged after a week and everyday till then both Sanjana and Janani made it a point to go meet Arjun and get him his favourite dishes to eat. The day after he got discharged he joined office and he knew Sanjana was patiently waiting all these days to have the dreaded conversation with him. He knew that he cannot escape this anymore and also he wanted Sanjana to understand things as they are and then proceed into this relationship however short it maybe.
Lunch time came too soon for Arjun’s liking and he and Sanjana met in the canteen as usual. They made small talk initially but Arjun was waiting for the question to come up anytime. Atlast Sanjana asked him, “Why didn’t you tell me this before Arjun?”
“See Sanju let me ask you one question. Do you think you would have enjoyed the moments that you had with me with as much happiness as you had now if you had known my situation earlier? Don’t you think that the moments made and cherished is much more important than thinking about what would happen in the future? Life is not guaranteed for anybody in this planet. Its just that some people know their end time is coming soon and that makes us easier to live our lives .You  know like we get to do all that we want before we move on!!”, Arjun said with a wink.
“This is not a matter to be made fun of Arjun. Even though what you say is right … still I would have liked to know your situation a bit earlier rather than get a rude shock of my life from your mother!”
“But Sanju just think if you would have let yourself be free with me after knowing my condition and also if you would have fallen in love with me? I don’t think that would have happened if you would have known my situation earlier. Your mind would have been occupied with my condition and you would have felt pity more than love on me. Now don’t deny that wont be the case because I know for a fact that you would have felt only pity and not love on me.”
“Well that probably might have been true Arjun still that does not justify your reason for not letting me know from you. I would have liked to know the situation from your mouth only.”
“Yes I know that Sanju I was waiting for an appropriate moment to let you know my situation which is not as easy to tell about to everyone that am going to die soon. How would it sound like if I went upto someone and said Hi am Arjun and my validity is just for a year or so. Would anyone even behave with me properly after I tell my situation? All I would get from them is a look of pity and sympathy which I have got in abundance from my family and friends, thank you very much and I don’t think I can handle any more of that shit.
Yes, am going to die. SO? Don’t I deserve an awesome time when am alive? I cant keep mourning about my condition forever now can I ? At some point I had to find my acceptance with things right? I did find it after a lot of struggle and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life when am alive for anything now. Especially now when I know the validity of my life. ”
 Sanjana sat quiet listening to Arjun’s speech without saying a word. She knew he was right but just that she was not able to still wrap her around the fact that the one person she had dared to love was going to leave her soon.  
“Ok Arjun. So now what?”
“Now we just enjoy the time we get to spend with each other and love each other as much as possible. Instead of spreading negative / sad vibes lets concentrate on spreading love/ positive vibes! Who knows I might start getting better and live with you forever .”
Sanjana couldn’t help but smile hearing the last few words of Arjun. “Oh how I wish that be the case! I would love to live with you forever and beyond that also! “
“Well Sanju be careful what you wish for!! Who knows it might come true also!! “, Arjun said with a wink.
“This is one wish am praying from my heart and soul to come true Arjun.”
To be continued. … ♡♡


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