Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 10 PART 1

​Continuation from previous post

Blue ticks….♥♥

Chapter 10 – Everything that has a beginning has an end – Part 1
“Janu…. Well ….. uhmmmm”, stammered Sanju.
“What the hell Sanju??? Why didn’t you tell me this sort of relationship was going on between you two? I mean he just broke off with me and so soon he has found a replacement? Wah Wah what a character he is!!”
“Now look her Janu…” , began Arjun.
“You shut up Arjun. You of all people do not have the right to speak right now. So please shut up. Am talking to my ex best friend and I don’t want any intereference.”
“ Janu please be sensible and rational in your thinking. I surely can understand your situation. But me and Arjun love each other and am sure he just had a liking for you that’s it and nothing else.”
Even though Sanjana and Arjun knew that they loved each other, it was the first that time that it was said out aloud. And Arjun looked at Sanjana with love filled eyes and Sanjana felt a warm feeling inside when saying those words.
“Oh is it my darling Sanju?? He has broken off with me so easily and not even a month has passed by and he has made you his life partner. Now isn’t that sweet, love? How romantic!! But I do have one doubt so if suppose he gets bored of you.. how long will he take to find another replacement??? Hmmmm… something to ponder about don’t you think Sanju darling?”
When Janani was busy arguing with Sanjana, Arjun suddenly fell down and started having a seizure.
Both Sanjana and Janani for a second didn’t understand anything and when they finally realised what was happening they rushed to Arjun’s side and dialled for an ambulance.
In the ambulance Sanjana searched for Arjun’s phone and took out from his shirt pocket and dialled his mom’s number. She informed her about the situation and also communicated as to which hospital they were taking Arjun. 
Emergency treatment was being given to Arjun when his mom burst through the hospital doors crying.
 “Where is my boy??? WHERE IS HE???”, screamed Arjun’s mom.
“Its ok aunty. He is alright now and he is being administered first aid.”
“We need to transfer him immediately to Prithvi hospital right now!”
“But aunty the facilities are good here. No need to panic”, replied Sanjana.
“No you don’t understand. He has to be transferred to that hospital ASAP. He has some serious health problems and they know his history there. So please arrange for his transfer immediately. Please.”
Sanjana and Janani were flabbergasted and they quietly made arrangements for Arjun’s transfer. What they couldn’t fathom was what health problems did Arjun have?
As the transfer to Prithvi hospital took place for Arjun… Sanjana, Janani and Arjun’s mom rushed to the hospital in a cab.
 “Ummm aunty if you don’t mind me asking, can I know what is the problem with Arjun’s health?”, enquired Sanjana.
“Well he has a brain tumour. He has been taking treatment for the same but the sad part is the doctors have left hope and has given deadline of only a year more for him to live”, sobbed his mom.
“WHAT!!!”, shouted Sanjana and Janani together.
“Yes dears didn’t he tell you?”
“No aunty he didn’t”, replied Janani. When she turned to look at Sanjana she could see that her best friend’s eyes were filled with tears and were pouring unchecked from her eyes. Even though Janani was really mad at Sanjana,  she just couldn’t bear to see her crying so she hugged to console her.
Sanjana just leaned onto Janani and drew strength from her best friend since childhood. She forgot all the enemity and the fights and she just felt grateful for the strong shoulder that her friend was providing her at the time of need.
They reached the hospital and all three rushed inside to know the status of Arjun.
“Mrs. Malhothra… I am sorry to say that Arjun’s health is deteriorating rapidly he has not got much time to live.”
On hearing this Arjun’s mom burst out crying.
“Aunty its ok please hang on. Nothing will happen to Arjun.”Sanjana said and embraced her.
“My baby… my poor baby”, sobbed Arjun’s mom.
“Am sorry Mrs. Malhothra. You can see your son tomorrow morning. Right now he needs some rest.
The sun dawned late that day and the sky was cloudy matching the mood of Sanjana. Previous day had been very eventful and she didn’t sleep properly. Thoughts about Arjun and the doctor’s words kept swirling in her mind non stop.
“My Arjun is going to die. I cannot believe this. I mean he was so healthy right before my eyes until the moment we kissed. How is this even possible?? I simply refuse to believe this!!”Sanjana kept saying to herself all through the morning till she started to the hospital to meet Arjun.
As she reached the hospital she was surprised to find Janani standing outside the entrance of the hospital as if waiting to talk to her.
“Hi Sanju. Can I talk to you for a minute?”
“Sure Janu. Tell me what is it?”
“I have been thinking about a lot of things after yesterday’s event. Come to think about it Arjun has never been really interested in me and neither  me on him. I was acting irrationally with both you guys yesterday and I felt really bad about my behaviour all throughout. I think I should have been more understanding and supportive of both you guys. Will you forgive this silly immature girl and accept me back as your friend?”
“Oh Janu …. You silly silly girl!! Come her you!!”saying that Sanjana embraced Janani in a bear hug and she whispered, “I missed you my Janu!!”
“Missed you too Sanju!!!”, replied Janani with tears in her eyes.
“Come my BFF lets go meet Arjun and see how he is doing”, Sanjana said with a big smile on her face while holding Janani’s arms and pulling her along.
Both the friends with a big happy smile on their faces marched towards Arjun’s room.
To be continued….♡♡


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