Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 9

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♥♥blue ticks…..

Chapter 9 – All goes well that ends…….umm well????
Everyday it became a habit for Sanjana and Arjun to chat during the nights and also during the day time whenever they get time.
Janani became an insignificant part of Sanjana’s life and Arjun started occupying most of her day and night time be it thoughts or talking time. Gossips between best friends came down and romance time took ahead.
Any problem or troubles Sanjana was facing she started sharing with Arjun.
Sanjana’s mom started noticing a difference in her daughter’s behaviour and was wondering what was making her daughter smile so much and be happy a lot nowadays. But she didn’t want to ask and burst the happy bubble that her daughter was in.
Arjun was the happiest guy around. He was smiling each and every moment and he got up everyday with the joy of talking and seeing Sanjana. Love was indeed in the air.
Both knew they loved each other but they had their own reasons for not proposing to each other.
They say that when there is too much happiness going on there must be some bumps coming along in order to make people realise that life is not all “peachy” always.
Sanjana and Arjun were going back to the bus after their usual chat near the entrance of the office when suddenly Sanjana felt a discomfort in her chest and she started breathing heavily and the world started spinning around. Last thing she saw was Arjun’s shocked face and everything else blacked out.


She heard distant voices and woke up groggily in a hospital bed with wires attached to her body.
“I don’t know what happened aunty she just blacked out on me.”
“Am relieved that you were there Arjun when she blacked out otherwise I can’t imagine who would have reacted in such a timely manner and brought my daughter to a hospital immediately.”
“No problem aunty. Infact I would not be a good human if I hadn’t done anything for her. Am glad that I was of service to someone today.”
“Mom???”, Sanjana called out in a feeble voice.
“Oh my darling!!! I was so scared. What happened? Are you alright now? How are you feeling?”
“Am ok now ma. Stop asking too many questions am too drowsy as it is what with all this medication and tubes going through me.”
“Ok sweetheart. You take rest now. I will just go have a chat with the doctor and come back.”
“ Hi Sanju”
“Hi Arjun”
“How are you feeling now?”
“Am alive and kicking as you can see.”
“Don’t joke Sanju. You scared me there quite a bit. I almost had a mini heart attack myself seeing you black out on me like that.”
“Is it?? Well am sorry you had to see me in that state Arjun.”
“Don’t be silly. I am glad that I was there for you in your time of need.”
“Am glad you were there for me too.”
Arjun had a big smile on his face hearing those words from Sanjana. At that moment he just wanted to be there for her and nothing else mattered to him.
Sanjana’s mom entered and she had a grim face.
“What is it aunty?”
“Nothing Arjun. Why don’t you start back home now? I will take care of Sanjana. Thanks for all your help. Am really grateful . Your parents must be worried where you are.”
“Its ok aunty. I can stay for a while. Since uncle is out of town you must be needing some help na what with buying medicines and all?”
“Its ok Arjun I have called Sanjana’s uncle who is staying nearby this hospital. You now start back.”
With a forlorn glance at Sanjana he left the room.
It took a week for Sanjana to join back in office.  When she did finally join back the first person to greet her in the bus was Arjun.
“Hi Sanju, welcome back. We missed you.”
Sanjana blushed a bit and answered, “Thanks Arjun am happy to join back.”
They exchanged a warm glance and Sanjana went and sat in her seat next to her now new close friend Tara.
Things between Sanjana and Janani were not resolved yet and there was an undercurrent of war going on. Sanjana missed Janani crazily but her ego came in the way of talking to Janani first and resolving issues with her.
As they reached office everybody got down as usual but for Arjun and Sanjana.
Arjun pulled Sanjana to a corner where they were out of sight from everyone and pulled her into a hug which surprised Sanjana.
“I missed you sooooo much gal. You just wont realise it. I am so happy and relieved that you are alive and back to office. I was so scared that I wont ever see you again. Please don’t scare me like that. I just cannot imagine a day without seeing or talking to you.”
Sanjana was pleasantly surprised at the same time she enjoyed the hug she got from Arjun. It made her feel warm and safe. She just hugged him back and forgot where she was.
As they pulled back Arjun traced Sanjana’s face with his fingertips and moved in for a kiss. Sanjana was hesitant for a bit but then she had missed Arjun just as much as he had missed her and she just wanted to be as near with him as possible and she allowed him to kiss her.
“OMG what the hell is happening here???”, Janani’s voice boomed out of nowhere.
Sanjana and Arjun were startled and Sanjana stared at Janani with a wide eyed look on her face.
To be continued. ..♡♡



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  1. Hi, I was wondering if I am unable to find the next chapter or it is yet to be posted? I am greatly enjoying the story and can’t wait to read more!


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