Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 8

Continuation from previous post 
♥♥ blue ticks…..
Chapter 8 –  Blossoming of love
“Arjun… yes I do like you. But the thing is I like or rather love Janani even more. I agree to your point of analysis about the relationship between you and Janani but the situation am in is not so great right now. I appreciate the fact that you have opened your heart and confessed your feelings for me but the thing is am not in a position to reciprocate . Hope you can understand that.”
When Arjun received the message he read it twice or thrice to get it into his head.
“So Sanjana likes me but not in the way I like her or she likes me and she is hiding behind the reason of break up between me and Janani. Somehow I need to confirm what it is. But I think for now I will let this go.” Arjun thought to himself.
“Ok Sanju as you say. I think I can fairly guess the dilemma that you are going through. But can I know the exact reason for your refusal if you don’t mind?”
Now Sanjana was caught in a predicament. The fact was that she didn’t yet wrap her head around her feelings and now Arjun is asking about the situation which is making her refuse his confession. Now she didn’t want to repel him by saying that she was sick also she didn’t want to lose Arjun so soon as she just got his friendship and she felt warm and nice about the friendship that they were developing slowly.
While she was thinking the words out, Arjun was getting impatient by the minute. Because the expert that he is in guessing the feelings of a girl he already knew for a fact that Sanjana was falling for him and it was only a matter of time before she realised this.
“Lets leave the topic for now Arjun. Can we chat later? Am in the middle of work.”
“Oh. Ok Sanju. Do take care and Sleep well ”
Arjun knew for a fact that Sanjana didn’t have any work, she just cut him off since she had nothing concrete to say to him. He smiled to himself. “You can run all you want Sanju but ultimately you will belong to me one day.”
With that happy thought Arjun dozed off.
Meanwhile Sanjana was tossing and turning in her bed thinking of the conversation between her and Arjun and also how she was going to handle Janani with regard to this.
Next day dawned cloudy and stormy matching Sanjana’s mood since she didn’t have a proper sleep and she was grunting and grumbling all the while getting ready for work.
“Little Miss Sunshine looks stormy. What’s bothering you Sanju?”  her mom enquired
“Nothing Ma, just get me my lunch its getting late”
She reached the bus in time and when she got in she was surprised to find another person sitting beside Janani and Janani was listening to music with her head phones on.
Sanjana was flabbergasted. She didn’t open her mouth but for  a moment she was confused as to what to do next since she never had to look for a place to sit in the bus from the time that she had joined office with Janani and today was a different situation for her and so she stared blankly at Janani and her new bus mate.
“Hey Sanju come sit here yaar. There is a space vacant beside me,” one of her colleagues called her. After which Sanjana snapped out of her trance and went and sat near her colleague with a puzzled look at Janani. Janani completely ignored the presence of Sanjana and continued listening to her music with renewed vigour after Sanjana got into the bus.
The day wore on real quick and the rains lashed angrily the whole day. Sanjana neither attempted to talk to Janani nor she attempted to talk to Sanjana. Both were pre occupied with their own thoughts and feelings.
Arjun kept messaging Sanjana the whole day and she found herself responding to his messages with much eagerness. She totally forgot about the distance she wanted to maintain with Arjun and she happily chatted with Arjun.
Janani, though she didn’t talk to Sanjana was a keen observer of things and she knew something was up between Sanjana and Arjun. Though she tried her best to get over Arjun she had a very big crush and liking towards him and she was possessive of the things that she liked a lot.
Logic and reason flew out the window when Janani was in her destruction mode.
She decided to confront Sanjana after work and clarify her doubts regarding the relationship between Sanjana and Arjun.
After work as Sanjana was walking towards the bus all alone lost in her thoughts Janani pulled her hand and whisked her off to the side and said, “Ok enough is enough tell me whats happening RIGHT NOW!”
“Ahhh …. Ummm… well nothing is happening Janu… what do you want me to tell you about?”
“Don’t act Sanju … don’t get me mad. Tell me whats between you and Arjun. I have never seen him going behind someone so persistently and with THAT look in his eyes. Don’t try to fool me because I know something is happening and you are deliberately hiding it from me.”
“Well Janu am sorry you think that way because as things are right now, nothing is happening and that’s the truth. Its your wish to believe it or not. Now let me go and good day to you.”
With that Sanjana pulled herself out of Janani’s grip and rushed into the bus and sat at a seat which was as far away from Janani as possible. For some reason Sanjana was not able to confide in Janani and she trusted her heart’s voice in this issue than her mind’s.
After reaching home and having dinner she reached for her phone. Having ignored her phone for quite a few hours she wanted to know what she had missed.
She had missed quite a lot. But the one thing which caught her attention was the missed calls and messages from one person who was occupying her mind a lot for the past 2 days and that person was Arjun.
He was all she could think about during the day and night and all the time in between. She wondered what had gotten into her that suddenly Arjun’s msgs and calls were the only important ones in her mind.
She opened her whatsapp and started typing a msg to Arjun.
“Well Hi Ms. Sanju. I am glad that atlast you found the time to reply to my messages and acknowledge my calls. Am so happy. 😊”
“Hmmm yeah.. how can I ignore a person who is so persistent in his attempts to talk to me even after my repeated avoidance and discouragements  😊.”
“Not my quality to give up so soon 😊 .”
“Oh ok 😊. So…… “
“So…..Any problem between you and Janani? I happened to look at you guys arguing about something after work. Is it any issue involving me?”
“Oh well that is nothing. It is just some misunderstanding between me and her. Nothing big. Leave it.”
“Ok. I was worried its because of me. I would hate to ruin a friendship.”
“No no nothing of that sort.”
“Well am glad then. So how was your day? “
“It was great. 😊Yours?”
“Hectic as usual. You know the drill, meet targets and finish the projects on time 😊.”
“Yes I do 😊”
The chat went on till 2 a.m. They spoke about nothing and everything. As Sanjana finally realised that it was way past her bedtime she decided to stop the chat reluctantly.
“Well I guess its time for me to sleep now 😊.”
“Oh is it that late already? Didn’t realise it. Guess talking to you makes me forget the time and place am in huh? 😊.”
“Hahahaha… Well it seems that you are getting affected by me Mr.Arjun. 😉 Be careful 😉.”
“I don’t mind anything as long as I get to talk to you. Talking to you is the best thing that is happening to me 😊. I wish we can talk the whole night and many nights after this too. 😊”
“ Be careful what you wish for Mr. Arjun. 😉 You might never know what’s in store for you 😉. “
“Well this is one wish am willing to take a risk in 😊”
“Ahhh ok 😊. Guess I should go sleep now. Good night, sweet dreams and take care.”
“Ok Sanju. Good night sweet dreams and take care. 😊”
That night Sanjana felt a warm fuzzy and happy feeling in her heart and she slept off with a big smile on her face.
To be continued. …♡♡


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