Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 7

​Continuation from previous post 

♥♥blue ticks….
Chapter 7 – Big hearts and small minds
A strong battle between the mind and heart was a losing battle for the heart for Sanjana since she always thought things through with her mind rather than allow the heart to rule over her decisions.
She was a very cautious person by nature, a person who treads even smooth passages carefully. First thing was she was very wary of the sudden interest shown by Arjun on her and according to her , when a person just had a breakup , it was morally wrong to even consider someone else so soon.
Her mind was  stuck in this one point. How can any person get over their girlfriend so soon? 
she decided to ask Arjun since she was so disturbed about that one point.
“Hi Arjun. I just have one question. How come you got over Janani so soon?”
Then only did she look at the time that she realised that it was around 12.30 a.m. and she thought, “SHIT, what the heck am I doing up so late?? I need to sleep soon.”
So she just switched off her net and she slept off.
Next day dawned bright and sunny. Sanjana was late as usual and she rushed to the bus stand stuffing all her things in the handbag.
As she got in , “I see someone is in a rush today. ”
When she looked up to see who it was she saw that it was Arjun with a smile plastered on his face and with a somewhat worried look in his eyes.
“Oh God!! Totally forgot about him!” she thought to herself.
“Yeah Arjun I over slept today which is unusual for me. Generally I never over sleep!”, she replied with a wry smile on her face.
“Oh.. Ok meet you later in office. Have a nice day.”
Sanjana heaved a sigh of relief and she went and sat near Janani as usual. She was busy adjusting the things in her handbag which she had hurriedly stuffed in that she didn’t notice the weird and very suspicious look that Janani was giving her.
*Cough* * Cough*Janani cleared her throat
“Hi Jaans… How was yesterday for you?”
“Well hello there Sanju mine was good and yours? So we are exchanging pleasantries now are we?”
“Why Jaans nothing of that sort re.. I missed talking to you properly yesterday so I asked.”
“Well your  ‘missing’ to talk a lot of things to me Sanju.”
“Oh Ohhhh dangerous waters Sanju tread carefully”, Sanju warned herself in her mind.
“Ummm … Hey nothing like that Jaans. So how’s work?”
“OKAY Sanju I wont ask any further.  It’s Your wish to tell me or not about it. ”
“Jaanu my darling , babe .. nothing am hiding. Just give me sometime I will sort everything and tell you from beginning. Please my Jaans. Understand na.”
“Ok”, Janani replied with a tiny smile.
The bus stood in front of the office entrance and everyone got down. When Sanjana was getting down she could spot Arjun waiting for her out of the corner of her eye.
“Will people not give me a break!”Sanjana thought to herself.
Janani was right behind her and gave a stiff look at Sanjana and then a venomous look at Arjun and she proceeded inside the office without saying a word to both of them.
“Hi Sanju.”
“Hi Arjun. Do we need to like talk right now at the entrance? I mean I have a deadline today and have lots of work to complete. Can this not wait until later?”
“Well Sanju, I could have waited but the question which you asked me yesterday was like a hammer on my head and been eating into me since yesterday. I did try messaging you a lot yesterday but then none of my messages got delivered to you and I was going crazy. So I thought I will clarify the question first thing in the morning so am sorry but I cant wait any longer to clarify properly for your question.
Yes, I do agree that I have not taken the mandatory time off from relationship after a break up but the thing is I just had a kind of crush/ like on Janani and never fell in love with her. Yes we roamed around and hung together a lot but that’s just more like friends than anything else. So if you really sit down and think about it there is nothing to ‘get over’ as it is. We had a difference of opinion on a lot of issues and so for the benefit of both of us we had to take a call and break up.
So does this answer your question?”
Sanjana was listening to all of this in silence and in the corner of her heart she felt a tiny blip in her happiness levels. Maintaining her composure she replied, “Well uhmm ok. Thanks for your clarification on things can I now please go? I have work to complete. I will message you when am free.”
“OK Sanju. I will be waiting for your message. Take care.”
Somehow Sanjana felt the worry and the underlying feeling of warmth in Arjun’s eyes. She wondered if it was just her imagination or was it really the fact that Arjun was really impacted with her that much. She didn’t have time to think about those right now since she was getting late to work and she had a deadline to meet.  
They parted ways and the day wore on quickly since she had a lot of work to be done on that day.
The journey back was not so pleasant since Janani was in a surly mood and she had plugged in her ear phones which was very rare because she generally chatted with Sanjana animatedly throughout the journey home. Sanjana also didn’t try to talk to Janani since her mind was pre occupied with Arjun.
As Sanjana entered her room after having dinner the first thing she did was to message Arjun.
“Hi Arjun. “
“Hi Sanju. So happy to see your message. How are you?”
“ Am awesome thanks. Well I thought about what you said. Even though I don’t understand the logic behind things I don’t want to be judgemental on you or Janani without knowing more about the situation.”
“OK I really appreciate for your patience and not being judgemental on me or Janani. But I would just like to know one thing if you don’t mind?”
“What is it?”
“Do you like me?”
Sanjana stopped for a heartbeat. “Well now is the time for truth Sanju. Do you really like him or not? Think with your heart and not the mind. Come on tell the truth. How can i? What with my situation and everything. Oh come on life is once just go for it.”
As Sanjana’s mind and heart were battling it out, Arjun was getting impatient staring at his mobile waiting for an indication of reply. Atlast after what seemed like forever he saw that indication and his heart started beating fast.
Sanjana typing……….
To be continued. .♡♡


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