Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 6

​Continuation from previous post 

♥♥ blue ticks…..
Chapter 6 – Of warring hearts and battling emotions
A riot of emotions started flooding Sanjanas mind.
“What the heck is happening!!! I just got into the canteen, apologised to Arjun for my delay and he is saying like this. What does it mean? Is it even for real? I cant believe this. I mean he totally was not a fan of me in school and why is he saying this?? What is his intention??” All these questions started popping in Sanjana’s Mind and she kept staring hard at Arjun.
Meanwhile Arjun’s heart and mind was all tensed up waiting for a reply from Sanjana.  All he could see was this constant change of emotions in Sanjanas face going from surprise, thinking, suspicion , quizzical, worried, and finally it settled on suspicion again.
Arjun was just admiring the play of emotions that could be seen on Sanjana’s face and he wondered , “Why the heck didn’t I notice she was so beautiful before? I should have gone after her than Janani. But yes am happy I took the right decision of telling her my feelings now atleast rather than later. Especially when things are the way they are,  with me right now. “
After what seemed like hours whereas only a few minutes had passed by Sanjana got to her senses and abruptly got up to leave without saying a word to Arjun.
Seeing Sanjana get up Arjun immediately sprang up from his seat like some sharp object was pricking him and he grabbed Sanjana’s hand.
“Wait…. You never replied anything to what I said.”
She gave him a stare which was totally blank and she just grabbed her hand back and walked off to her cabin without a word.
Arjun was totally bewildered with her reaction. Even though he was bursting with curiosity and was really anxious he just let her go for now.  But he made up his mind never to let go of her because when he caught her hand he got this electric jolt of feelings and sense of protectiveness over her out of nowhere. He thought to himself, if few minutes of contact gave me this much impact I think I should make sure I don’t lose her for the rest of my life.
Janani was busy working at her station and Sanjana calmly sat in her place without any word and started typing on her keyboard vigorously without a break.
The day went by really fast but Sanjana’s heart and mind were like a warzone filled with what Arjun had spoke to her in the canteen.
 Her heart had a tingly feeling when she thought about the words Arjun told, but her mind being more logical of the two fought against her hearts wishes and argued the possibilities and the reasons of Arjun’s sudden confession to her.
“Wassup Babe…. You seem distracted today”, Janani came from behind and slapped Sanjana’s back.
Sanjana was startled out of her wits.
“You scared me there Janu!! “ exclaimed Sanjana patting down her frantically beating heart.
“What I scared you??? My My sweetheart , what’s the matter with you?? You seem kinda jumpy today? “
“Well its nothing yaar am just caught up with much work and my thoughts are all clogged up with my health issues and work stress.”
Even though Sanjana wanted to confess all that had happened in canteen to Janani she felt very hesitant to do so for some reason. She was warring with herself between telling the truth to Janani and saving it for later. Till date Sanjana had never hid anything from Janani.  So she consoled herself saying “Am not hiding it just postponing saying it that’s all so relax Sanju!”
“Oh come on yaar just be happy and stress free that itself will be a huge healer for all your problems. Ok come its time to start home lets go.”
Sanjana and Janani walked towards the bus when suddenly Arjun appeared before them and stood in front of Sanjana blocking her way.
“Hi, Can I talk to you please Sanjana? Alone if you don’t mind?”, asked Arjun with a pointed look at Janani.
Janani was really puzzled and rolling her eyes moved herself some distance away but kept staring really hard at them both with a puzzled look on her face.
“Look Sanju whatever it is tell me I don’t mind whatever you say , but just say something! My head is bursting with the suspense of your silence!”
“I….. I…. Look Arjun I really don’t know what to say. I mean come on I am like really in a bad situation right now. I cant think properly and what you told is yet to sink in. Can you please give it a rest for sometime? “
Arjun was disappointed but he hid his real emotions and replied, “Ok Sanju. Take your time but not too much since I cant afford it. Tell me your answer soon.”
“Ok bye “, Sanjana replied and signalled Janani to join her and they both got in to the bus.
“What was that about?? “ asked Janani.
“Nothing yaar he just wanted an advice on some personal problem”
“Huh??? What is it about? And why is he asking you advice? Since when did you guys become so close huh? “
“Hey nothing like that Janu its nothing big just some small random thing.”Sanjana replied all flustered.
“OKAY”, Janani replied with suspicion and a hint of jealousy in her eyes and tone of voice.
The bus journey was not the same as any other day filled with gossips, laughter and giggles as Sanjana sat brooding over what Arjun had told her and Janani was thinking what Sanjana was hiding from her and why was Arjun behind Sanjana all of a sudden.
At the place where Sanjana and Janani usually parted there were just the customary parting words and there were no hugs and miss you’s present.
 As she opened the gates to her home Sanjana pulled out her mobile from her bag and found a msg from Arjun.
“Hi hope u have reached home safely. Do ping me as soon as you receive this msg. Take care.”
Her eyes just hung on the word “Take care” even though in normal circumstances she wouldn’t have read anything else into that word. Now that word held so many hidden meanings for her and in her stomach she could feel a slight fluttering of butterflies.
“Öh my God! What the heck am I doing?? “ Sanjana berated herself and went inside her house.
“Honey are you feeling ok? How was your day?, “her mom enquired her as Sanjana entered. After that fateful incident Sanjana’s mom had been over protective and concerned about her.
“Am super Ma … Just give me some food na I am so hungry. “
Sanjana went to freshen up when she heard a msg tone from her mobile.
She went to see who it was from..
Arjun – HI Sanju hope you reached home safely. Take care. 
Janani – Hi dear. Hope everything is good with you. What’s going on with you and Arjun??
“Oh no am busted ! “Sanjana thought to herself with regard to Janani
She types her reply to Janani …
Sanjana – Nothing re I told you na he just asked me some advice.
Janani – OKAY
Sanjana stops and thinks for a moment and replies to Arjun.
“Hi Arjun. I have reached home safe and sound thanks. But I am yet to think about what you told me. Please give me sometime.  “
After a moments pause
“Take care”
Arjun typing….
“Ok Sanju… I understand that it was all too sudden and new for you but please I am serious about what I said. I am not pulling your legs I just want to spend time with you. I don’t know why am feeling this way but all I know is that I just want to spend a lot of time with you.”
“Ok Arjun thanks for letting me know. I will message once I process things. Hope you understand.”
“Ok Sanju. Take care and reply me soon. I will be waiting for your message.”
Sanjana was all confused with the avalanche of feelings and emotions that she was feeling the whole time she was reading Arjun’s messages. She didn’t know that she had deep feelings for Arjun. Probably she did have an unconscious liking towards him. All those stolen glances at him during school days and the eagerness and excitement she felt when seeing him from afar,  maybe that was a liking towards him. She was very confused. 

What with him breaking off with her BFF recently and she feeling this way about him.
She was thinking if it was right to lead Arjun on or ward him off.
A world war between her mind and heart was raging as the night wore on peacefully outside.
To be continued…♡♡


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