Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 5

Continuation from previous post 
​♥♥blue ticks…. 
Chapter 5 – Of over emotions and courage
Sanjana could not believe her ears and was staring at the doctor with a blank face and she could not fathom what had happened just then.
The doctor understanding her predicament approached her and with an encouraging smile on his face said, “Sanjana don’t worry about anything. This is probably due to birth defect and with all the advancement in technology nothing is impossible to cure. There are some minor precautions to be taken but other than that you can lead a normal life. Now snap out of it and start focusing on what is to be done further.”
“But… but… I didn’t have any symptoms till now , how can this happen suddenly in my life?? I don’t understand. I have been trying to stay healthy after my school life.. which was the only time during my life,  I was negligent about my health but after that I have been fairly regular in my fitness regime. This is not possible!! “
“Birth defects show up only after sometime. Not necessarily they show their ugly heads in the beginning itself. But its totally fine Sanjana nothing to worry about.”
As the doctor was reassuring Sanjana her dad who had gone to work came rushing into the room and with panic asked the doctor what was the problem and the doctor once again had to repeat what he said to Sanjana.
Atlast the doctor was able to pacify everyone and made Sanjana’s parents leave the room stating that she had to take rest for sometime before she can be discharged from the hospital.
In the evening she was discharged and they pulled out in front of her home, they saw Janani anxiously waiting for their arrival with a tense look on her face. As Janani saw them pulling into the car garage she rushed immediately to Sanjana and asked her what happened, why she didn’t turn up to the office without telling her.
Janani – Sanju!!! What happened to you?? I was so worried when you didn’t turn up!!! Hope your alright!!!
Sanjana- Whoa!!! Slow down Janu… Am fine dear. Just let me get some fresh air I will tell you everything. Do come inside sit down and relax.
After everyone went inside the house. Janani noticed that Sanjana’s parents were very quiet and she was worried because they never fail to welcome her with a warm smile and a greeting. Its as if they didn’t notice Janani was there and they were moving around like zombies.
Sanjana- So my Janu what happened in office today??? Any good gossip going around??
Janani- Sanju are you crazy?? Am asking about you and all you want to know is gossip in office!! Gal I want to know whats wrong RIGHT NOW!!
Sanjana – *SIGH* ok here goes …. I Have valcular heart disease.
Janani – *Stares at her Sanjana as if she slapped her*. WHAAAATTTTTT THE **** NO WAY…. Tell me your joking Sanju… Its not funny!!
Sanjana – Crazy Janu… Why would I joke about this???
Janani’s eyes fills up with tears and she bursts out crying…
Janani –  What is it??? Is it serious??? You will be ok na??? Please tell me you will be fine….
Sanjana  immediately scoots over to Janani and hugs her tight.
Sanjana – Silly Janu I will be fine and live long enough to torture you forever!! Now whats this your crying like a small gal!!! Cheer up Hon I will be ‘A’ OKAY in few days.
Janani –  I love you so much Sanju I will pray for you I promise.
Then only does Janani look into Sanjana’s face and sees her BFF’s eyes brimming with tears.
Janani – OHHHH SANJUUUUUUUUU….. I have been so foolish to not notice your state … Come here my love nothing will happen to you. Be strong. We are all here for you. We will fight this thing along with you. We wont let you go no matter what!
Sanjana – *Sobbing* OH januuu am so scared. I have so many wishes and unfulfilled dreams and I refuse to die right now. I don’t know why this came but I am not willing to give up my life that easily!
Janani – Oh come on Sanju… you are NOT going to die!!! There there dear… Just cry it all out. I am here for you.
Atlast Sanjana calmed down and both of them went to Sanjana’s room to spend time together.
As they entered the room Sanjana’s mobile beeped and she checked to see around 20 msgs  from Arjun who was worried as to why she didn’t turn up for office today.
She just replied saying , “Not well will ping u later , sry! “
As soon as she sent the msg, another beep sound, Äre u ok?”
Sanjana – “No but I will talk later pls, not in the mood”
Arjun – ÖK hope ntg is wrng… take care.
Sanjana kept the phone beside her and looked at Janani who was just staring at her saying nothing.
Sanjana – Janu I think you better start home. Your parents must be worried about you.
Janani – No way am not leaving you tonight.
Sanajana – Hmmm ok I will feel better if your near me too… and Janu I love you a lot you know ,,,you will be my BFF forever!!!
Janani – IDIOT gal… *hugs Sanjana* I loveeeee u toooo … to the moon and back!!!
After spending hours talking and not bothering to eat anything even after Sanjana’s mom’s insistence that they eat, they both slept off.
Next morning was a bright sunny day. Both the gals and the family were in better spirits than the night before and Sanjana was all prepared for going to office . Janani already had started home early in the morning to freshen up and get ready for office.
Sanjana’s mom insisted that she stay in and rest but Sanjana felt she had to go to office and see people so that she would feel better and so she started to office.
During the bus travel both the gals chit chatted and as soon as they got down they met Arjun who was waiting for them .
Arjun – Hey Sanju!! Good morning. How are you today? I was actually quite worried.
Sanjana – Hey Arjun. Am still alive as you can see ! Am feeling fine. Thanks for asking!
Arjun – Great great !! Happy to hear that. If you don’t mind , can we have a coffee in the break?
Sanjana – *surprised* Ohhh mmmm yaa sure why not.
Arjun – Great!! OK then meet you in the canteen in the break. Bye
Sanjana – OK bye.
After nodding towards Janani, Arjun left.
Janani – What was that about???
Sanjana – No idea come lets go to work.
There was heavy load of work that day and Sanjana didn’t realise that it was time for break already. Then she remembered she had to meet Arjun and she knew that she was already late. So she rushed to the canteen and found him waiting for her.
Sanjana –  Am sooooo sorry Arjun. I had loads of work , so I didn’t realise it was time for break. Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Arjun – That’s ok. MMM so please sit down.
Sanjana – So what is it Arjun?
Arjun –How are you?? Missed you yesterday in office. Are you ok?
Sanjana – Ummm really??? Well yeah am great thanks.
Arjun – Mmmm okay.
Sanjana – What is this about Arjun?? Your awfully caring today.
Arjun – Welll…. I don’t know how to tell you this Sanjana. But recently I have started liking you a lot. I worry when you don’t reply or when I don’t see you in office.  I don’t understand the why’s and what of things,  that are happening right now with me. But I don’t want to keep my feelings quiet and wanted to tell you about it. I know that I just broke up with Janani and all but I feel really special about you. Not only now but right from school days I was drawn to you and I always had a special feeling towards you. I decided I don’t want to keep it a secret anymore. That’s why am telling you now.
To be continued…. ♡♡


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