Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks… Chapter 4

​Continuation from previous post 

♥♥ blue ticks….
Chapter 4 –  Revelation
“WHAT THE HELL??” exclaimed Sanjana aloud.
Her mom who heard her shout came running frantically and started examining her with panic in her eyes, “What what?? You fell down?? Got hurt??? WHAT IS IT???”
Then only did Sanjana realise that she had shouted out aloud so she pacified her mom and at the same time slowly was navigating her to the sofa in the hall, assuring that everything was fine and got back inside her room and locked it.
She was reeling under the shock of the revelation and she kept staring at the msg forever and the time stood still for her.  “Janani??? MY BFF Janani??? How can she not tell me about this!!! “
Sanjana felt betrayed , heart broken and angry all at the same time.  Not once had Janani opened her mouth about this. Aren’t BFFs supposed to share EVERYTHING with each other!
As she became upset over this news she forgot to reply to Arjun and she didn’t touch the phone for the rest of the night and settled down for the day. She promised herself she would confront Janani the next day.
The next day was bright and Sunny and most importantly weekend had begun. Usually Sanjana would sleep in late on weekends but today since she was upset she got up really early and her mom was surprised and asked her, “ AREY … Are you sick??? U GOT UP SO EARLY??” for which Sanjana replied with a feeble smile and went out to jog. She makes it a point to jog on weekends and today was no different and she put on her headphones with her fav playlist and started out to jog.
As soon as she came back she took her mobile phone to call up Janani and fix a meeting with her when she noticed around 20 msgs from Arjun who was anxious that he never got a reply. The last msg he had sent was , “ Hope you are not upset or anything. Please reply me as soon as you see these msgs. I hope nothing is wrong. TC and gud nite.”
She frowned at the msg and as she was in a really bad mood she thought she would talk when she settled issues with Janani and called her up.
They decided to meet at their usual hangout spot in CCD.
Sanjana arrived first at the decided time and place and she was rehearsing the questions that she wanted to ask Janani. She was deliberating shouting to getting hysterical to just coldly mentioning the issue. While she was still deliberating she heard Janani come and sit beside her.
Janani – Hi my darling!! Long time no see!!
Sanju – Hi…
Janani – Arey what happened??? Where is my darlings usual enthu???
Sanjana- I would like to discuss few important things with you.
Janani – Ohhh… Hmm okayyyyy *rolls her eyes*
Sanjana – Is there anything you like to confess to me?
Janani – MMM…. No re …. U know that I share all things with you. What is left to confess??
Sanjana – OHHHHH IS IT??? Like for example what is the relation between you and Arjun ?
Please enlighten me on that issue Ms. Janani Swaminathan!!!
She was on the urge of screaming and Janani’s face paled and she stared at Sanjana in shock.
Janani- OHHHH SANJU ….. I am sooooo sorry…. I know I should have told you about this but just that you and Arjun didn’t get along in school so I thought you would be upset or you would hate me to if I told you I was hanging out with Arjun that’s why I didn’t tell you…. PLEASE FORGIVE ME ….
While Janani was talking Sanjana had a cold look in her eyes. But then she was soft hearted  so she started forgiving Janani immediately after she apologised.
Sanjana – MMM… This one time I forgive you. By the way why you guys broke up??
Janani – Well lets not get into that it was a bad choice to hang out in the first place and now its over that’s it.
Sanjana – MMM …
Then they both had a nice long heart to heart talk and Sanjana felt much better when she went back home.
After she went home as she pulled out her cell there was a message tone and  she saw that it was a msg from Arjun again…
“Hey good morning . Am really worried whats happening …. Please get back to me as soon as possible….PLEASEEEEEEEE…
Sanjana – Hey Arjun. Morning … Nothing to worry abt everything is fine now . 🙂
Arjun – SANJU!!!! Thank God u replied I was sooo worried. Am so glad nothing serious happened.
Sanjana – Chill dude ….
And so they both started  texting each other and they spoke for almost the whole day non stop. They had lots in common and they had exhausted almost all topics when Sanjana felt sleepy and she said ended the conversation reluctantly and went to sleep.
The next day when she woke up she was feeling dizzy and she was dead tired. She just brushed it off and went on to do her chores. The feeling still persisted and as she was about to go out of the house she blacked out and the last thing she heard was her mom screaming her name and running to her.
When she woke up she was in the hospital and there were a nurse beside her bedside adjusting her IV.
Sanjana – “Where is my mom???”
Nurse – “She is talking to the doctor she will be right back don’t worry”
Sanjana – “okay.”
Nurse – “How are you feeling?”
Sanjana – “Much better thanks”
Her mom had arrived and her face looked white as a sheet and it was as if she was under a trance and didn’t know what was happening. Sanjana didn’t like the look on her mom’s face and she asked, “Ma… What happened??
Her mom didn’t reply she just kept staring at the wall as if she had seen a ghost.
Only when Sanjana screamed her mom startled came to her senses and immediately started sobbing hysterically.
Sanjana was really bewildered and she didn’t understand what was happening!
The doctor correctly entered the room and Sanjana immediately turned to him and asked, “Doctor I would like to know whats happening??? Why is my mom like this?”
The doctor’s face softened and with a grave voice told her, “ Sanjana please don’t get upset or anything but you should know that you have something called as Valvular Heart Disease. It is a condition where the valves are formed abnormally or stop functioning as they should. Nothing to worry about you can get well really soon.”
Sanjana was dumbstruck. Slowly she came to her senses and the news that the doctor told her sunk in….. “WHAAAATTTTTTTTT”
To be continued. ..♡♡



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