Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks…

​Continuation from previous post….

 ♥♥ blue ticks…
Chapter 3 – The Confession
Sanjana was in a dilemma as to whether to reply or not. She decided she wanted to give herself some time before she took any decision that she might regret in future.
So she just ignored the message for the time being and went to eat something as she was feeling hungry.
When she came back to her room she found that she had 10 msgs pending to be read .As she opened them , 5 msgs were from Arjun and 5 were from Janani.
She decided to open the msgs from Janani first and when she saw the msgs they were:-
“ HI Sanju
There kya?
Anyone there?
Knock Knock”
Then she opened Arjun’s msgs:-
“Hi MOTI, How r u?
Sanju??? There???
Please reply na
Sanjana paused for a moment and as she was curious as to what Arjun wanted she replied him back “HI Arjun…”
Immediately she got a reply:-
Hi Sanju… So happy you replied I was kinda doubtful if I ever wud get a reply from you… I sincerely wanted to apologise for the things that happened in school. I have changed a lot from then you will get to know that if you ever give me another chance and get to know me! ! “
Sanjana – MMMM…. Well ok fine but I thought you despised me and I am still wondering why you want to talk to me … that’s why I dint talk to you much and I thought why force a person to talk to someone whom they don’t like.
Arjun – Hey nothing like that…. Ummm ok leave it … lets just start afresh… so how s u?? how has life treated u till now??
Sanjana – yeah I have been grt … whats up wit u?? how have u been??
Sanjana an Arjun continued to chat non stop for an hour or two when Sanjana’s mom called her to eat dinner. So she excused herself and went to eat..
When she returned after dinner there was one unread whatsapp msg…
She opened it and it was from Arjun.
“I just realised that life is so short and there were a lot of things I missed out on especially now. I realised that I have truly missed out on an awesome friend which I could have had all these days. Am truly very happy Sanju for getting another opportunity to talk to you.”
Now Sanjana  was really surprised and touched because Arjun who was a macho guy in school showed her  his emotional side . But then she didn’t know him that well to form opinions about him so soon so she just replied with , “Yeah … we could have been good friends and we did miss out on that.”
Arjun – Thts ok am happy atleast now we are getting to talk to each other. I mean I have been really feeling that I have not got good friends till now and now as am going through a tough phase I am really happy that I got talking to an old friend …
Sanjana- Ohh anything serious??
Arjun- Well …. Lets not talk about that… now I don’t want to talk about it and spoil my mood
Sanjana – Ok your wish…
Arjun – So how’s Janani?? Been long since I spoke to her too…
Sanjana – Why don’t u ask her urself??
Arjun – Ummm welllll…. I Cant ask her that’s y asking u…
Sanjana- Eh??? Y u cant?
Arjun – ummm I don’t think this is the rite time to tell it … I mean
Sanjana – Y cant u tell??? My head will burst tell meeee!!
Arjun – I want u to promise it wont affect ur friendship with her or me…
Sanjana – HUH??? Ok whatever tell me….
Arjun – first u promise me then I will tell
Sanjana  – OK OK I promise baba tell meeee…..
Arjun – mmmm I don’t know…. Mmmm
Sanjana – Just tell me alreadyyy!! :/
Arjun – typing…..
As she was waiting for his reply when she received a phone call from Janani and she picked it up…
Janani – Hello Ms Busy bee… if I send a msg u wont reply eh???
Sanjana – Hey ntg like that re… I just forgot to reply
Janani – OHHHH forgot eh??? Something happening that I should know abt my dear??
Sanjana – I don’t know who gave my number to Arjun but one gud thing that happened was we have become friends!! Can you believe that?? I mean me and him who used to fight like a cat and mouse in school are friends now!!! Who would have thought of that!! 
There was a pause for sometime and then
Janani – OH mmmm that’s grt Sanju … glad that things are working out positively for u atlast with him!!
Sanjana – Thanks re…. Ok chal me tired we will talk tomo Janu!! Gud nite sleep tight
Janani – Ok bye Sanju gud nite sweet dreams
When Sanjana finished her call she saw a whatsapp msg waiting to be opened
She opened and saw the msg, she was shell shocked … it read as follows…
Arjun –  Well ummmm…. Since u are asking me so much and since u PROMISED it wont affect any friendship am telling u this…
 Myself and Janani ….. we used to like hang out with each other and we just kinda broke up sometime back….
Sanjana was dumbfounded and she kept staring at her screen mouth agape!!
To be continued♡♡….


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