Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks…

Continuation from my previous post❤️
​♥♥ blue ticks ….
Chapter 2 – Rewind, Fast forward
“YOU!!! So all the hype was for you huh??? MY GOD!! Never knew it was you who was gonna join the office!! “ exclaimed Sanjana with her face filled with anger.
“Hi to you too MOTI ( fatso) “ replied Arjun with a wide smirk on his face.
By this time the whole canteen was surrounding the duo and every gals face was filled with awe and excitement at the entertainment that they were getting from the spat of the duo which would fuel their gossip for eons of time! 😀
“I DO HAVE A NAME U KNOW!!! And it’s the basic courtesy to help a woman get up if YOU are the reason for pushing her down… The least you can do is offer your hand for me to get up!!!”
Arjun replies with a smirk still plastered on his face,  “ But Sanjana you are the one who was all for Woman equality and campaigning that women are not meek and helpless and they do not want any help from the male species so I thought why should I offer my hand and get my ears scalded with your words of ‘wisdom’ “
“YOU ARROGANT  <insert all bad words> ” screamed Sanjana and Janani hurriedly helped Sanjana up and escorted her out of the canteen mumbling a Hi to Arjun on the way out before the whole office turned up to see the fiasco that was happening!!
 “WHY OH WHY should He join our office …. Just when I was slowly forgetting about him HE had to turn up in my life once again!!! “ cried Sanjana to Janani
Janani tried calming down Sanjana since she is known to be hysterical when the situation calls for it.
Now as in all stories there is a flashback between Sanjana’s and Arjun’s enmity
FLASHBACK – Back to school days…
Sanjana , Janani and Arjun were all in the same class and as Sanjana had always been on the plumper side , Arjun never missed an opportunity to pull Sanjana’s legs and he had the sadistic pleasure of seeing  Sanjana get embarrassed in front of everybody.
The last time that Sanjana ever saw Arjun face to face and acknowledged his presence was on the day of try outs for the school play.
It was a bright sunny day at school and Sanjana and Janani were all excited about the school play that was going to take place and they were going to try out for the main parts. As they entered the school auditorium where the try out for the parts were going to take place they spotted none other than Mr.Popular a.ka Arjun Malhothra showing off his acting skills and a group of gals giggling at his every move.
Usually Both Janani and Sanjana maintain a radius of 100m minimum when he is around. Arjun had already earned a name in school for being the most pompous ass there ever can be.
Now since the try outs were happening there was no other choice for the gals than to go and take their seats and wait for their turn.
She was praying that Arjun does not see her when she heard a loud voice call out, “Hey MOTI (fatso) came to eat popcorn and watch my act?? Where is the large chips packet that you always carry around with you in ur backpack??”. Every person started laughing and Sanjana’s eyes filled with tears and she ran out of the auditorium without a backward glance and told to herself, “ I HATE THAT GUY…… I WILL NEVER MEET NOR TALK TO HIM EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE!!!! ‘’
Fast-forward to the present and voila here he is again and Sanjana was fuming and seething from anger at meeting him and wasting few minutes of her time talking to him!!!
“Do u still remember those incidents in school days?? Grow up Sanju … You have changed for the better now and since when did u start bothering about him so much?? Just forget him and lets eat something an finish up the work!!! “
Still fuming and seething Sanjana sat down at her desk grudgingly and started working furiously in order to forget HIM. Eventually the toll of work took over and she forgot all about him and it was time for them to leave home.
As they were approaching the bus again they had the misfortune to bump into Arjun and when Sanjana turned her face away he started speaking , “ Hey Sanju …. We started off on a wrong foot in school days I was such an ass back then …. Do forgive na … Are u still holding onto  all those things I said as a kid??? Look am really sorry let’s start over and begin afresh… Everybody deserves a second chance… Please lets start over??? “
She could not believe her ears and was staring at him mouth agape since the Pompous ass that he was before was now talking this way!! She was just dumbfounded and just kept staring at him.. now Janani who was listening to the conversation understanding Sanjana’s position immediately filled in for her and said , “Sure Arjun , Sanjana would lovee to start over “ and looked pointedly at Sanjana to say something.
After recovering from her initial shock she said, “ ugh… Sure sure no problem !! Forgive and forget that’s my motto!! “ and gave a wry smile at Arjun.
And walked off towards the bus and got in quietly not bothering to see if Janani was coming behind her or not.
 Sanjana was very tired when she reached home and just as she was settling down to relax she heard the msg tone from her phone and went to check who it was.
It was a Whatsapp msg from an unknown number … “ HI MOTI… How are you?? “
Only one person in this whole wide world called her that and it was that fellow whom she despised the most…. Arjun!!!
To be continued…. ♡♡


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