The Dream

She sat with a beautiful smile on her face

Long sexy legs crossed over each other

Unreadable , her face scanned the crowd in front 

Waiting patiently with piercing eyes reading each person

CLosing bang of the hammer resonated loudly in the now silent room

I had won fair and square

With a proud head, i marched forward

“Hello Madam”, i spoke with hesitation 

“Honoured to be on your team”,i continued 

Anxious to please but not in unctuous way

X-ray done on me with her deep blue eyes

She nodded her head and said,

“Welcome to hell for you are my slave now and not my employee.”

She laughed in an evil way

A ball hit me with such force, 

I got up with a start

But it was just my two year old asking me to play.


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