An act of kindness

​Blindfolded, i dragged him to ‘the’ place

Was waiting to see the joy on his face.

Guiding him, making sure he navigates without harm

We make our way through the backyard towards the garden

His face a question mark under the eye mask

Keeps asking,”Are we there yet?”

My mouth curves into a knowing smile

As i answer with a smile in my voice,”Just a bit further.”

As we reached our destination, i remove his eye mask

Look at his face with anxious expression

As he gets back his eyesight, he opens his mouth letting out a gasp

Tears fill his eyes, for joy surpasses his expectation 

Plates of food feeds his stomach with hunger

With a squeal he rushes towards the table

A random act of kindness , for a boy who deserved it

Fills my heart with satisfaction and happiness that no other act ever will give.


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