Of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks…

Sanjana sat at her favourite spot in her room and was gazing from her window at the beauty of the sunset. It was glorious sight what with all the shades of orange and red filling up the sky and the water from the ocean glittering from the sun’s rays. She sat dreaming about how her life would have been ruined if she had followed the other choice.

She breathed a sigh of relief for having had the courage to take a tougher decision and decide to live rather than choose an easy way out of problems.

Sometimes it feels good to listen to your brain where the thinking is logical rather than listen to your heart which always makes us take a decision emotionally which we will invariably regret later in life!

To think that she was about to give up her life which had been granted to her once again by her love horrified her till this day. She kept reminiscing about her loved filled days everday.

Its funny how one person can change or affect your way of life.

It all started with a Whatsapp msg….. and ended with one too!!!

♥ ♥ blue ticks
Chapter 1 – The day She met Him

” I am late … I am late…. I am late” cried Sanjana while hurriedly getting dressed. She worked in a software company and had to catch her bus to office.

“Why cant you get up early and get ready on time atleast once in your life???” exclaims her mom in exasperation.  Right from school days Sanjana had never gotten ready on time and I mean NEVER!! 😀

” MOOOOOMMMMMMMMM please stop advising me and get me my lunch so that I can catch my bus to work!”

Atlast the lunch gets ready as Sanjana puts the finishing touches on her make up and hair … she has always been a perfectionist and even her make up has to be spot on. Over the years she had developed the art of applying make up fast due to her perenial delay to bus stop!

Hurriedly Sanjana dashes out of her house and just as she reaches her stop the bus arrives and she gets in and sits beside her best friend Janani.

Now the history of Janani’s and Sanjana’s friendship goes back to ancient times when they were kids and since kindergarten both have been inseparable as siamese twins.

Janani was a pucca Tamil Iyer gal and Sanjana never misses an opportunity to make fun of Janani’s pucca Brahmin slang!! 🙂

Every morning is the time for each other to catch up on the things that they have missed out in each others lives.. the little time that they were apart 😉 and most importantly discuss the gossips that were going around in office ( Very important aspect in a gal’s life is gossip 😉 Can’t live without it 😀 )

As it so happened there were rumours doing rounds in office about a ‘ really good looking ‘ guy joining office today. Apparently ‘ few blessed souls’ ( as per the hype given by gals who had seen him) had the darshan of this guy when he came for interview. So all the tongues ( especially ladies ones :P) were wagging non stop and obviously the ‘Hot’ topic of discussion between Sanjana and Janani was that of the ‘good looking guy’ 😀

Janani – You do know that the most hyped guy is joining our office today right???

Sanjana – Duhhh!!! Obvio…. but I dont understand all the hype though I mean he too is a normal human being only na like all of us here .

Janani – Oh really??? dont do too much I know you too are equally excited in seeing him and what with your reputation for ‘FAN’ following he is yours for sure!! Hahahahah 😉

Sanjana – *Rolls eyes* Enough with all the reference to fans and AC’s our office has come lets get down.

The day wore on quickly since there was a lot of work to be done and within no time Lunch time had come and both the friends went to canteen.

Somehow the atmosphere in the canteen was different today and they were wondering why when suddenly there was a buzz in the canteen where all the women started getting excited.

Sanjana suddenly remembered about the new guy and just when she started looking around for the ‘NEW ‘ guy she felt someone bump into her knocking her down hard and the sound of glass shattering could be heard!!

Talk about apt background score for the first meet for when she recovered from shock and looked up to see who it was that pushed her down … it was none other than her arch enemy from school Arjun Malhothra who was staring down at her!!!

To be continued…. ♡♡


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